Meaningful Ways to Revitalize your Relationship

Want to keep the excitement alive? Here are some tips to guarantee many more years on the journey of love.

Crack open the Songs of Solomon!

Song of Solomon 1:2
“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— for your love is more delightful than wine.”

There is no better example of the power of love than this often over-looked book of the bible. Rich in romantic scripture and sincere sentiment, the Songs of Solomon is a written expression of how much Christ loves us, the church. Reading the scriptures out loud while snuggling with your loved one, or including a favorite passage in a handwritten letter can remind even the most unmindful to appreciate the unequaled gift of true love.

Find a quiet place to reconnect.

We all remember a special space, at one time or another, where we enjoyed a sense of peace and protection. Whether it was a secluded spot in the woods, or underneath the covers with a flashlight and favorite novel, many of these times still prove to be some of the most memorable. Maybe you can think back to a place that was meaningful to you, or better yet- to both of you. Suggest taking a walk with your loved one, or venturing on a day trip to a location you both remember from earlier days. It might sound sickeningly cliche, but the benefits of enjoying time away from everyday distractions should never be underestimated.

Never stay satisfied with mediocrity.

Nehemiah 2:2
“Why does your face look so sad when you are not ill? This can be nothing but sadness of heart?”

Just as God pushed Nehemiah to repair the walls of Jerusalem, he too stirs our heart to stay strong and begin the process of rebuilding. All of us experience great sadness and face challenges at some point in our lifetime. It is easy to fall into the trap of self-pity during tough times. However, the duty to fight for your marriage or relationship should always be of prime importance. Allow hurt emotions to heal, forgive and then forgive again. Through self-exploration strive to compare your shortcomings with those of your loved one. If you desire to revitalize your relationship, you will do so. This encouragement and insight will not go unnoticed by your partner.

The Power of a Compliment.

Mark Twain
“I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

The desire for sincere compliments surfaces many times throughout one’s personal life – especially when coming  from those who matter most. In the stressful world of work, kids, and commitments, giving a compliment can be the last thing on one’s mind. However, the power of a compliment has been attributed to longer marriages, better self esteem, and even longer life expectancy. Just as children strive to make their parents proud, adults too look for the approval of their partner. So take a second to make someone else feel good. You never know the positive repercussions that might surface as a result.

Who said working on a relationship required money or long periods of time? It could just take a moment to remember what’s important in life. Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. Sounds like a lasting recipe to me.

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Love: Do You Believe In the Soul Mate?

The soul mate is said to be a person who is meant to be with another person. Their souls are somehow connected and fate has it that these two people are destined to be together. Sometimes these soul mates are not aware of who their mates are, so they go through life getting into other relationships thinking that they are happy. It is said that no relationship that is not with one’s soul mate will last. Even if it does survive for a long time, there will always be a longing for something more. This longing for something more is simply a long for the person that is meant to be with someone.

Not everyone believes in the idea of soul mates. However, psychics are rumored to have the ability to be able to get in touch with another person’s soul mate. If the concept of the soul mate were not believable, there would not be this many people practicing the art of keeping in touch with them. There has to be some kind of truth to the theory, and perhaps this truth can be tested and found in a clairvoyant fashion.

Different Psychic Connections

The psychic can make a connection with a person’s soul mate in several different ways. One way is by first making a connection with that person. Every human being possesses an energy that surrounds him or her. Psychics are able to use this energy to find out detailed information about who that person is. If the energy is strong enough the psychic may also be able to make a connection with the soul mate and pick up various descriptive information about who he or she is. He or she may be able to see the color of his eyes, how the two people will meet, or even if they are already together.

Medium readings are another way that a psychic could be able to find information on a person’s soul mate. Medium psychics are people who can communicate with the spirits. They have certain abilities that allow them to enter another dimension and see things that the average eye can not see. Some mediums are able to look into the future. A psychic of this type could be utilized to find out if a person will meet his or her soul mate. Spirits of lost relatives may also have this information for the seeker.

Finally a tarot reading may give a clear presentation of loves to come. Tarot reading is the process of using a deck of special cards to give information about a person’s love life, fortune, fame, and lifeline. Only certain psychics have the ability to read these special cards.

There are varying views on whether the soul mate exists and multiple ways of finding out whether there is any validity to the theory. Perhaps a person who does not fully believe should have a meeting with a person with these special abilities and see what the two of them can come up with.

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Christian dating facts to help you succeed

Christians all over the world have been often credited with the setting of good standards when in comes to dating between Christian singles. While some may attribute this to a presumably conservative approach to dating by Christians, the truth  is that  the Christian approach by all its virtues is aimed at providing the much needed dignity to the dating process. While achieving this, Christians are able to preserve the religious traditions of the family. Christian dating people are also more secure within the arms of fellow Christian singles as it gives them the opportunity to share the faith and values without any hindrance.

It is to be understood that to be effective in christian dating like any other dating process one needs effective tips for guidance to ensure that you do not stumble at the appropriate time. Some of the  enlisted tips below should help your dating process and enable you to maximize your results and assist your dating experience to be a successful  one.

Be open with your date and do not influence

Accept and understand the pros and cons of your date. Always know the limits. Be careful of the conviction of your dating partner and do not coax your partner into something which is against his or her own natural desire , faith or belief. For instance, do not offer cigarettes or hard drinks to a devout Christian as you will be encouraging vices which isn’t right for you to do.

Marriage should be your goal

In Christian dating , the purpose  of dating is for the reason of conjugal union. As such when you start dating you should date with the intention of getting married and that should be your conscious aim. Christian dating is to not be aimed with petty intentions of small time relationships which can be neglected and abandoned. A long term relationship is the key to happiness in your life and it is God’s will that we should all be happy.So do not play with the feelings of someone else while ensuring that your own  feelings are also  preserved.

Get to know before giving commitments

It is always better to find about the background of the person that you are dating with, so that you know what kind of person it is before you go headlong into a relationship. For instance if you are dating with a partner who belongs to a different Christian denomination than yours, you could possibly find out the prohibitions and limits  in their group which may not be practiced in yours. With such information, you could review whether you are able to go the distance with your partner and this will also help you not to step in your partner’s personal space at the same time.

Sexual intimacy is a big no-no

In the Christian faith  premarital sex  rightly frowned upon and you should always remember that no matter what the temptation may be, you have to resist and deny this forbidden pleasure to yourself for the sake of God’s word. Such a resistance can give you self control as well as instill patience in you as an individual. This kind of an approach also gives both the Christian partners values of Christian upbringing and makes you understand that sex is a sacred gift that only a married couple can gift each other as their personal gift for each other at the  time of marriage . This temptation can be very challenging for Christian dating singles and those who can successfully overcome it will always be strong in their personal lives and their marriage is bound to be a success.

Honesty is the best virtue

Be open and honest with each other as Christian dating  singles Openness and honesty are vital in a relationship and can iron any differences that may crop up between two people. Do not withhold any secrets about the past from your partner as it could have a counterproductive effect in the future. It is better to caution your partner if your past contains a bleak history. This also helps the two of you to start together with a clean slate without the baggage of past history.

Always try to seek guidance

Seek advice from the community leaders and church elders whenever you can and also ask your parents for assistance when it comes to your dating experience. They have a better understanding of the religious demands of Christians through their experiences and learning and it is better to clear any doubts and misconceptions through your religious leaders before you commit any mistakes.

Give your partner the due

Respect is the cornerstone of any relationship. You should  instill the wisdom of conciliation to be within your discussions at all times. Respect each others difference of opinion and even if you argue about a certain topic or issue learn to respect each others views while stating your own convictions. Personal space of both the Christian partners is extremely important else you can invite unnecessary bickering on a consistent basis. Learn to withdraw if an argument is getting into discord. Discuss it at any casual moment later.

Allow your relationship the attention it deserves

Nourish your relationship with the word of God which should be supreme in your whole alliance as Christian dating singles.  Have discussions about your faith and talk about religious traditions whenever the opportunity arises among you. The word of God can bind two people like nothing else can.