This Guy Should Avoid Serial Daters

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The Online Dating Serial Dater: don't fall prey, Avoid Serial Daters. A 35-year old man talked about how he met a 26-year-old woman online, and he went on to discuss how he went on to have four dates with her, but they didn't have sex because she told him that she was on her period. He went on to say that she takes days to reply to his texts, and if he wants to go on a date with her, then he needs to give her a week's advance. His concern is that she may be trying to disappear on him, or is dropping a hint for him to leave her alone. [hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] Let's address the above. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"] Here's another potential eHarmony date. Why do…
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The Benefits Of A Single Holiday

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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240"] ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism (Photo credit: Thompson Rivers)[/caption] The Benefits Of A Single Holiday Many single people dream about traveling the world.  Unfortunately, some of them put off this dream hoping that a friend will decide to come with them in the future.  As people have busy lives, this rarely happens.  People in this situation should consider taking a single holiday. Singles holidays are holidays designed for a group of single people.  These tours are filled with single people of all ages.  For this reason, the holidaymakers on singles holidays make numerous friends on their trip. In the past, singles holidays were very expensive.  This has now changed as companies like no longer charge singles supplements.  Unlike tours designed for backpackers, Just…
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Ladies: Is Love Really All You Need To Get Hitched?

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[hana-code-insert name='SingleParentDating' /] Come on, I know what you’re thinking. Most romantics would agree with the title. All you need is love. A lot of women believe this is the only reason to get married. It’s so easy to say, but when it comes down to it, is it really true? After all, times are different now. Back then marriage was about stability, a promised future, and certain social status. Today, you can marry any man you want and all you need is two witnesses and to be happy with his, um, assets. Before you make the plunge, consider the following points: • The first thing we have to check out is how the two of you interact during a problem or crisis. Can the two of you really handle…
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What To Wear on The First Date

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[hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] What you want on the first date is to be subtle while also keeping in mind that first impressions count a lot. Going for something sassy and stylish is always good for a hot first date. Outfits you can wear include a sexy skirt and well fitted cashmere sweater, a nice dress with an agora wrap or even the ever classic white shirt and jeans. Just be sure not to overdo the make-up or perfume. You need to realize that men also like using their imagination so leave them something to fantasize about. Showing too much will just take the fun away and being sexy is more than just about what you are showing off, no matter how hot you look. Don’t try too hard and just…
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How To Strike Up A Conversation On The First Date

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[hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] How To Strike Up A Conversation On The First Date Meeting people for the first time can be an enjoyable experience, especially if you understand all about other people and how they like to communicate talk about and first of all listen. “What an idiot! He’s got no idea what to say … I’ll make something up and leave.” Is this what you think she’s thinking about you? I’m sure there were times when you ran out of lines and felt like an idiot, because “I have kept silent for over 5minutes now”. My first tip for you, is not to put yourself under pressure to talk, and repeat to yourself: “What should I talk about? What shall I say? I will make a complete fool out…
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Looking For Love? Fix Up, Look Smart!

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[hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] If you’re looking for love there are a few separate methods you could use to go about it. You can go and hang out in bars every weekend looking for members of the opposite (or the same, it’s all the same to me) sex, you can go to evening classes, speed dating and dating websites. They all have their pros and cons, going to bars means you might meet drunk potential partners, your first meeting is a shouted conversation in the middle of a dance floor and in the morning you can’t remember their name. If you go meeting people at classes you have a common interest but not every-one’s there looking for love and relationships, some are there because they genuinely want to learn so you…
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