Teenager tips. Is it love? What gift to buy her?

Well slow down there buddy. Hold on to your money for a little bit more.

What is love. Love is a tricky emotion. Most of the times we think we are in love but its more of a superficial emotion. Most of the people confuse lust, obsession and rebounding for love. The latter two are probably not a problem for you yet, but lust is the feeling that is often mistaken for love at first sight. Because of its intensity is hard to ignore. Lust can feel like love because the attraction you will feel is very strong. While the emotions may feel real, they are actually all based on fantasy. You will start imagining things about the one you are lusting. You will envision her as perfect. In case you haven’t found out yet – there is no such thing as perfection in this world.

Even people that know this distinction can fall in the trap of confusing lust for love. They will accept the illusion willingly very often. Most of us like to loose ourselves in the excitement sometimes. Nothing wrong with that.

So lust is present only in the early phase on a relationship, when you don’t know each other. Lust will always run out of steam. No question about it.

But maybe it is love. Maybe you read all of the above and decided that your feelings for her are not based on lust. And you need some 18th birthday presents ideas fast. Or maybe you decided to get in shape and bought some weird sounding diet like the Atkins diet or the Every other day diet. Well good! Because you need to impress her! Don’t buy into all the “just be yourself” and she will like you for who you are. No sir! True love is the one that brings out the best version of yourself. True love will make you strive to better yourself.