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Since not everyone is born with good looks or a hunky body, then not every guy gets the girl of their dreams. Such guys will still have to strive more for their physical self to be attractive and to eventually get the girl that they are eying on.

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Meanwhile it is not always the physical appearance and the perfection of the face or the physique that always matters. There is more to what the eyes can see and here are some good reliable tips to make it happen. Firstly, it is always the number one rule to stay fresh and smell clean even if you don’t have Brad Pitt’s face. Looking fresh and smelling clean is one surefire way to attract the opposite sex. Furthermore if you have a flirty perfume or pleasant smelling cologne that exudes an aura of seduction will be helpful.

A whiff of your scent when a girl is near you signals excitement to the girl. There are really good colognes and perfumes on the net which might catch your taste. There are also perfumes intended to excite women and offers a seducing effect. In line with this, data shows that Versace knows very well what I mean. Also dressing well and wearing clean clothes can also add points. This way the girl will know that you are one guy who loves to get things organized and cleaned up. Do not talk too much. A guy who is very talky tends to put off a girl’s mood. It is usually the girl’s task to talk a lot and to imagine things. In addition to that, never brag. Bragging is never the same as being confident. Girls never like boastful guys especially if the guy keeps talking about himself. That is a big turn off. Answer sensibly and be thoughtful when answering also. Make communication last by ending your statements with thoughtful words and sagacious statements. This will keep the girl glued to the conversation. These tips are surefire way to make communication with the girl worthwhile.

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