How to Spend Your Valentine’s Day

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January is coming to an end and that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You might think it is too early to start buying gifts or reserving seats at a local restaurant but really, it’s not.

Whether you are the type of couple who enjoys relaxing in hot tubs, hiking up mountains or curling up and watching movies, how you spend Valentine’s Day is the most important part of the holiday (not the gift).

Don’t have anything planned for this year, yet? Here are a few suggestions from women in five different types of relationships:

The Professional Couple
Chelsea & Greg: Portland, Maine

Chelsea has been dating Greg for a year. She enjoys spending time with him, but admits that their busy schedules keep them apart more than she like. As a result, all she wants to do on Valentine’s Day is find the time to be with him.

“Greg has to work until 11:30 at night on Valentine’s Day, so I’m hoping to go to breakfast the day of,” she says. “I’m all about the fact that the thought counts, so if he made me dinner that would be perfect too!”

A College Romance
Ally & Sean: Manchester, New Hampshire

Ally met Sean in college and finds their relationship to be relaxed and “mushiness-free,” even on the most romantic day of the year.

“Since Valentine’s Day is on a Monday and we both have class, I don’t mind if we do something the weekend before or after,” Ally says. “I like to keep it simple on Valentine’s Day. A card and Reese’s Pieces would be ideal. I am hoping it’s going to be a dinner.”

The Old-Timers
George & Shelly: Denver, Colorado

George and Shelly have been married for thirty-six years. At this point in their relationship, it’s hard to come up with new gifts to buy and new places to go out for dinner.

“I don’t think there is anything George can surprise me with,” Shelly says. “I really just feel so lucky to have him around me that if we were just to light some candles and jump in our small hot tub I would be happy with that,” she laughs.

The Long-Distance Relationship
Melanie & Joey: New York City, New York

Sometimes the phone just isn’t good enough. No matter how cheap or well-equipped your telephone system is, saying “I love you” should be done in person. That is how Melanie feels, who has been dating her boyfriend Joey for five years. This year, the couple is forced to spend Valentine’s Day apart.

“I’m studying abroad in London this semester, and he is still at school in New York,” Melanie explains. “I’m hoping that he is going to surprise me and just show up on Valentine’s Day, but I understand that is a lot to ask.”

Are you in a similar situation? Well, cancel the Skype date and don’t ship your gift via Fed Ex. Instead, book the next flight, train or bus to visit your sweetheart.

Adventurous Couple
Lindsay & Matthew: Washington DC

World traveler and dedicated hiker, Lindsay spends every Valentine’s Day with her fiancé – exploring a different part of the world. This year, however, Lindsay did not schedule a trip and is curious as to what Matthew has planned.

“Valentine’s Day this year was too close to my best friend’s wedding, so we didn’t want to travel back-to-back weekends,” Lindsay explains. “I’m really hoping we follow through with our tradition and maybe hike in Shenandoah National Park nearby. Exploring new things together is really the best way to keep the ‘spark’ going,” Lindsay adds.

According to these women, spending the day together is the most important part to get right, not the gift. So there is no need to panic over what to buy your loved one; save that for their birthday.

Sylvia Rosen is an online writer with a background in newspaper journalism. She enjoys writing about dating, relationships and healthy lifestyles.

What You Need To Know When You Try To Bring Back The Love Of Your Life

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So your relationship is over – What do you do now? We have all been there. The sleepless nights, thinking of the one you still love. Wondering if things would be different if only you had said or done something else. Just remember that whatever has happened between you and your lover, it is never too late.

Here are a few ideas on how to bring back the love of your life:

Forcing your ideals on them will not bring your partner back. Instead of dreaming about how your relationship was – be realistic. All relationships have their issues, and if your loved one is no longer with you, then there is a specific reason for this that is standing between you and them. You must remove this obstacle between you both, by accepting them and the choices that they have made.

Be reassuring to them, that you accept their choices even if you don’t necessarily think that the choice is the correct one for you both. Let them know that after all that you have shared, you will still support them and that you wish them to be happy no matter what. Breaking off from them and creating distance at this crucial point is the worst thing that you can do and should be avoided. Do you utmost to maintain friendship with them. See the relationship as going through yet another rough patch – This one is a tough one to deal with, but you are still a team in some sense. Let your continued friendship guide you through the new unknown that lies ahead. Just because you are no longer officially together, does not mean that all ties should be cut.

Patience at this point becomes the name of the game. Provided you maintain a good friendship and do not force your wishes, there is a good chance that you can resolve the obstacle that stands in your way, and in doing so bring back the love of your life. This may take weeks, months or even years, so be prepared for this. If you truly believe in them, then the reward of maintaining the friendship should at least be worth the time. This also gives you a good opportunity to focus more on yourself, and address any aspects of your character that you wish to improve. Times like these don’t come often, so make good use of the chance to become a new and better you.

Christian Singles Online Advice

Christian Singles

If you are a Christian looking for a significant other with whom you can share your life, you might want to try online dating. There are many Christian singles online, looking for love and companionship. In the past when couples said they met online, they were questioned and their story was unique. With today’s technology, it is becoming more acceptable and much easier to find love online.

Christian singles online may want to go to dating websites that are designed just for Christians. These websites try to line couples up that not only have similar hobbies or personalities, but also have similar beliefs. If your faith is important to you, you will want someone who shares your morals.

Many of these dating websites offer free trials. You can join for free and test things out. If you do not like what you see as you browse around the site and try it out, you can cancel before you are charged. Some of the sites say that if you do not like your matches, you will get your money back. There are plenty of options for Christian singles online.

If you do not want to have to pay to find love, you can join some of the other dating sites. As long as you mention that you are a Christian, and are looking for another Christian, you should be able to find people with your values. You may get some strange comments on occasion, but if you are not easily offended, you can find people with your morals just about anywhere on the internet.

With any kind of blind dating, you will want to proceed with care. Talk with the person you meet over email for awhile before you exchange any information. If you decide to meet in person, take someone along with you or meet in a public location. You can never know for sure who you are talking to when you chat on the computer.

7 Tips For Putting Together A Winning Valentine’s Day Card

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Have you visited the greeting card section in your local Walmart or food store lately? Chances are if you have, you may have noticed how over whelming it can be to pick out a greeting card. There are so many different genres of cards now ranging from the most outrageous or obscene to the romantic and emotional cards, there’s even cards that sing and record voices!

Well its that time of the year again where roses are red and violets are blue, some poems rhyme others don’t. Don’t be one of those people that says, “I hate this holiday, it just makes me feel that much more single”. This is the holiday where life gives you lemons…an excuse to find that special someone or a reason to ask the girl of your dreams out on a date.

During this time of year, a way to a woman’s heart is romance. I know guys, this can be a word with many meanings but for the next few weeks, its all about flowers and romantic words, oh and chocolate, lots of it! The easy part is the chocolate and flowers, most of us can get away with just those two things however if your looking to go above and beyond this year, tell her how you really feel and make sure to get those reservations to her favorite restaurant.

Romantic cards can be quite a challenge for some people, but the beauty of this holiday is, many of those cards on the shelves know just how you feel! If your significant other means that much to you, try writing your own card full of love. The internet provides you with a large selection of DIY valentines day card templates. If you need a push in the right direction here are some tips to get you started.

  • Use sentimental rubber stamps such as “I Love You” or “Be Mine”. You can find them in any craft store.
  • Write or print a few suitable words on your valentine’s card. These are a great alternative to rubber stamps. (Men leave the hand writing to the women, find a suitable font in Word and go from there, its for the best!)
  • If you going to hand write, use a quality pen.
  • Write slowly and evenly.
  • Write naturally.
  • If your a poet at heart, then you should definitely include some romantic words that rhyme. (women eat that stuff up!)
  • As cheesy as this may sound, use lyrics from a song. Preferably a song your significant other doesn’t know, but if you must, say something like, Michael Buble says it best, “You know your some kind of wonderful…”.

There you have it, a bunch of ways to have a successful and romantic Valentines Day. Indulge yourself in that ridiculously large heart filled with your favorite chocolates. Go make lemonade!

Pat Shebby’s friends often refer to him as the “Love Doctor” because of his expertise and creativity when it comes to matters of the heart. He is also a big fan of custom gifts like a unique printable calendar.

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