Why Dating in the 70’s Was so Different

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My grandpa is a tease and likes to tease me about dating. He will bring it up once every time I see him. While I was talking to him recently, I complained about a date I had who didn’t call me. My grandpa told me that I would have had a hard time with dating him, and explained that those days were different. “Your grandmother had to wait months between dates at times,” he said. I can’t picture having the patience for this. I know that not everyone was that way 40 years ago, but it seems like it did take longer to get what you are looking for back then.

Dating in the 79s

Medical school or dating

Today people have pretty busy lives, but technology has cut down the amount of time it takes to do a lot of things. In order to live and get by, people can work during the daytime, and have the evening off to relax and spend time on whatever they want to. Technology allows for more time to be spent recreationally. This means we have more time to play.

It was crazy to me to learn that my grandparents went months without seeing each other. I wondered what could be wrong with my grandfather. When I made a confused expression, he told me college was a busy time for him. His priorities were set and didn’t allow for a lot of dating. “I had to worry about getting accepted into medical school, so I didn’t have the time to go out dating every weekend,” Don said.

He said it wasn’t strange for Barbra (my grandma) to only talk to him when they were on their one date per month. He told me that up to the wedding day, they didn’t even see each other every week. Today this would be unheard of in any case besides long distance. In this day and age, young people who are dating will spend almost every day together even after just beginning the dating process.


A couple of years ago, my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and although he decided he would never go through chemotheripy, things changed when he felt that he had more precious years left to live.

Now he is retired

I think that my grandparents are a great match, but I am learning that she was the more social one. “Barbra was going with more other guys than I was with other girls,” Don said. Once they began dating seriously she had to give up her social ways.  “Sometimes she was going dancing but I would have to study, so we could not go or had to go with her friends.”


It turns out it was worth the time it took Don to finish school, because now he and Barbra travel all over the world. They have recently gone to Paris, Italy, Peru, and many other places. They have built their own house, which was designed by Barbra.

It’s probably not fun to have a busy life right after marriage, but I am guessing it is worth it. I am learning that many people have to wait for their spouse to finish school, and a lot of the time they will choose homework over fun. However this is worth it in the end.

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Tiffany S. Thatcher is a guest blogger who specializes in a San Diego Nursing Home.

Dating in a Foreign Country

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Traveling abroad is a unique opportunity to get completely immersed in an entirely new culture.  You have the chance to learn about history, taste traditional foods and beverages, explore city landmarks, and possibly practice a second language.  Why not share this amazing experience with a stud muffin from the area?

Dating abroad can be refreshing and incredibly fun!  That being said, many people are skeptical of foreign flirtation, so I’ve created the following convincing argument:

Why date abroad?

1.  Because the men in your city just aren’t cutting it.  Surrounded by elderly gents?  Military men?  Gangsters?  Move it or lose it, sister!  Get out of town and explore what else the world has to offer.  There are nearly 7 billion people on this planet.  The problem is they’re not all conveniently located within a 60-mile radius.  That would be absolutely terrifying.  Time to set your sights on a new land and a new man!
2.  Visit a foreign city’s hidden gems.  Blend in with the locals at the best pubs, restaurants, stores, and city hot spots that tourists don’t know about.  Yes, you’re probably using your date to be hipster cool in a foreign city, but he’s probably using you to look popular…sooo whatever.
3.  Opportunity to learn and practice a foreign language.  Si, oui, da…that’s what you’ll say when the cute guy asks you out.  In all honesty, dating someone who speaks in a foreign tongue can be the best way to learn a new language.  You pick up on vocabulary quickly, and you begin to perfect the accent.  One of the perks: If you mess up, you don’t get reprimanded; you get kissed.
4.  Learn from the movie thriller Taken.  Without a doubt, there are dangerous, manipulative men everywhere, and they target innocent, female tourists.  Don’t be naïve.  It’s incredibly important to be hyper aware of your surroundings.  Avoid travelling places alone and always let a friend know where you’ll be going.  It is probably a smart idea to meet in a crowded place for your first dinner date.  Good luck.
5.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Chances are you’re in this new place for a limited amount of time.  If you somehow manage to make a disaster out of your date, you can avoid run-ins with the guy for a very, very long time.  Takes a lot of the pressure off!
6.  Great storytelling!  Your friends back home will undoubtedly want juicy details from your travels.  They will absolutely love hearing about your date, and you will enjoy re-living the romance, humor, or drama.
7.  Dating is a great way to meet people anywhere.  No matter the place, you can always enjoy time spent with someone new, interesting, and exciting.  Every date teaches you something—about the place, the person, and/or yourself!
Convinced?  I sure hope so!  Start planning your next adventure abroad and be open-minded about the foreign dating game. You might fall in love with the place or the man…or both.  You can definitely find reasonable flights on travel sights, such as Travelocity.com.  Don’t forget to use a promo code for Travelocity to save!

Erin Prickett is a dating enthusiast and an experienced traveler.  She spent a summer in Mexico and four months exploring several parts of Europe.  Prickett recommends that you use a promo code for Travelocity to save on your next romantic adventure.

Flying Solo: 5 Things to do For Not so Desperate Singletons

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In modern society the world has placed a large emphasis on love. The media and ancient traditions have gently cultured us into believing our life goals should be focused on finding our soul mates and settling down. This is great for those who have found ‘the one’ and spend their lives indulging in Valentine’s Day and cosy weekends, but not all of us are that lucky in love.

If you’ve reached ‘the age’ with no ring on your finger or children at home, don’t avoid answering questions regarding your love life whilst desperately chasing your happily ever after. Simply tell them that there’s too much you’ve got to do before you start all that settling down malarkey.

Whether you’ve just left a long term relationship, are waiting to find that perfect someone, or you just don’t believe in fairy tales, there are plenty of things you can get your teeth into before walking up the aisle.

To prove it, here are a few ideas to get you started…

Make time for friends

Okay so you probably do make time for them when you’re in a relationship too, but it’s very common for your focus to change when you’re in love. Try and do the things that you probably couldn’t in a relationship such as going away for a weekend, partying until dawn, or even trying a bit of fancy dress. Remember there’s no one to tell you what not to do, or chasing up where you are, so enjoy the freedom, rebuild your friendships and remind them of your fun side.



Go on holiday (alone)

However scary it may seem, traveling whilst you’re single doesn’t mean spending your days going crazy on a remote island, like a scene from Cast away. There are plenty of travel companies offering single holidays with the benefits of group travel. This means you can meet up with other solo travelers on your trip whenever you like.

Step out of your comfort zone and visit places you’d never dream of going normally. You could go camping in New York, have fun in Las Vegas or see the sights in San Francisco. The opportunities are endless and you may even find your soul mate in the process.

Focus on your career

Now’s the time to do something you’ve always wanted to. You’re free to dedicate long hours, work on the weekends, take an evening course, or even get involved in some volunteering. Whatever you choose to do, you have the chance to work at being successful.

Feeling success will have a huge impact on your confidence and happiness which will in turn also affect your approach to relationships and finding that special someone.

Spend time with yourself

Only when you truly understand yourself will you begin to know what you want in life and from a potential partner. Being single allows you to explore your ambitions, what you enjoy and don’t enjoy doing and also teaches you how to forget about what other people think.

You can rest your happiness and self-esteem on yourself and with only you to care about, it’s time to take advantage and savour your singleness.

Do something that may otherwise need negotiating

That doesn’t mean rushing out and buying a Ferrari or spending thousands on a new pair of shoes. But buying a pet that you’ve always wanted, or focusing on your fitness with a few extra hours at the gym wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Have fun, keep your mind active and don’t worry about being single. Embrace it instead.

Hey, I’m Dave and I’ve been a single traveler for 3 years

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