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Online Dating Made Easy

Many of us are familiar with email scams and registration scams, but phishers and hackers have taken to a new medium in order to snare personal information and credit card numbers. Online dating sites now report many more spoof profiles meant to steal identities from those who have little experience in combating identity theft, namely senior citizens. This guide to online dating made easy helps to identify sites and profiles that are likely to be scams.

Clear Communication

Some people have difficulty typing and expressing their emotions, and an email that is full of typos and less-than-great grammar does not necessarily mean that a scam artist is on the other end. There may be cause for alarm, however, when an email repeats a point several times and it is still confusing. Fast responses, within fifteen minutes, may suggest someone on the other side wants to get information quickly. A change in tone or spelling ability may indicate more than one person is reading the emails. Stories about emergencies and appeals for help, likewise, may be a hook with bait.

Details And Meetings

Many potential daters want to meet the person on the other end quickly. When the person on the other end, however, does not offer any personal information about themselves and does not have much interest in a personal meeting, they may be out to nab an unsuspecting person. When questions about details turn into questions about money, it is a very good sign that a relationship is not on the other person’s mind.


Find That Special Person On Today’s Free Online Dating Sites

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Online Dating

Today, people are busier than ever before and it is not always easy meeting that special person. While you can hope to find someone at work, school, church or even through friends, this is not always the best way to find someone who is compatible with you. After all, you know what you are looking for and finding the right person typically requires more than just matchmaking friends. However, when you use an online dating site, you can take advantage of the fact that you can browse profiles of individuals who meet your specific criteria.

While dating might seem like big business when you consider the number of free online dating sites, the truth is, finding someone who you would like to date and spend time with can be a big investment; at least in terms of your happiness and time invested in a relationship. Free online dating websites such as DateHookUp, OKCupid, PlentyofFish, and more, all offer an exciting opportunity to find the man or woman of your dreams.

One of the benefits of using an online dating service is that you can be specific about what you are looking for in a significant other. If smoking is a deal breaker for you, there is no need to waste your time meeting individuals who like to smoke. Of course, it is important to not narrow the field too much, but there are certain behaviors that are not going to sit well with everyone. For example, faith can be a big factor for many people, finding someone of the same faith will be much easier when you use an online dating site.

Once you have found the person of your dreams, you might want to consider taking a lovely vacation or spending a few days relaxing together. Groupon log cabin discounts can be an excellent opportunity to enjoy some time relaxing together without the constant commotion of day-to-day responsibilities.

7 Ways to Start a Conversation with the Cutie You’ve Been Eying

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Ok gals. There is probably a guy that you are thinking about right now. He’s probably super cute, and awesome, but you haven’t had the nerve to talk to him. It’s ok, we all get like that with cute guys! If you want to talk to the cute guy and you want to get to know him better, here are some tips to start a conversation with him.

1. Ask him for directions. If you find that he is an expert when it comes to directions, ask him how to get somewhere. If you are very daring, call him when you get “lost”. It’s a great idea to strike up a conversation with him.

2. Ask about the train/bus/school schedule. If you spot your cutie on a bus, don’t be afraid to ask him about the schedule. It is a great idea to start a conversation.

3. Ask him what he likes to order. If you frequently see your cutie in a coffee shop, or a bakery, ask him what he likes to order. If he’s the cashier, this is a great way to strike up a great conversation. You might find that you have a lot of things in common.

4. Ask about what he is reading. See what he is reading. It’s a good idea to comment on it if it is something that you would be interested in! You can have a great connection.

5. Ask about the game. Ask him about the sports game that he is watching. Show him that you are interesting in sports. Guys love girls that are into sports.

6. Send him a drink. If you see him at a bar, don’t be afraid to send him a drink. It will show that you are interested. And, if he’s not interested, he won’t take the drink. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other guys out there.

7. Ask your guy about the technology he likes. Lot’s of guys love technology. If the guy that you are crushing on has some cool gadgets, ask him about them. He will love to talk about the latest gadgets that he has.

Good luck when it comes to talking to the cutie that you have been eying. These are some great ways to start a conversation. If the cutie doesn’t take notice, don’t fret. There are plenty of other guys out there. Don’t be afraid to give him some space, you don’t want to scare the guy!


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Three Myths About Astrology and Compatibility

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Astrology is most sought-after for insights into compatibility than any other topic. Unfortunately this is also where it is most misunderstood. Common misconceptions about astrology involve sun sign compatibility, the fate of relationships and the concept of “soul mate.”  Doing away with these myths will save you from much confusion and disillusionment when studying astrology.

Your sun sign tells you which sign you are compatible with.

False. There are only twelve sun signs roughly the same as the twelve months of the year. With so many people born in the same sign, it is impossible for that one sign to describe them all to any depth. Sun signs are types of people, not individuals. So your sun sign alone can describe your relationship needs and capabilities only in a very general way.

To really find compatibility between two persons, you will need the exact date, place and time of birth of each party. This information is then used to draw up an astrological birth chart of each person. A single birth chart has hundreds of influences to it. An astrology compatibility report by an astrologer compares and weighs all these factors before compatibility can be determined.

Compatibility means two people stay together while incompatibility makes them break up.

Not always. Human nature and motivation are far too complex to be predicted by astrology birth chart compatibility alone. While a horoscope compatibility chart can show problem areas in a relationship, they cannot predict with certainty if a couple will stay together or break up. You could be in a totally mismatched relationship  and stay in it, due to social factors, personal beliefs and so on.

In fact, it is not unfair to say that astrology is not here to judge if two people ought to be together or not. People marry for their own reasons, not according to a set standard. Therefore compatibility has a very subjective meaning for them. All that modern astrology can now tell us about compatibility is how two people get along, not whether they should marry or not.

Astrology can help you find your soul mate.

False. There is no reference anywhere of what a soul mate is or if it exists. Even if you have one, nothing guarantees they are in the same lifetime as you are in now. Astrology – real astrology – does not promise the meeting of the soul mate. In addition there is no such thing as a perfectly compatible couple.  All relationships have their share of negative and positive influences.  The notion of a perfect soul mate relationship is hard to imagine in astrological terms.

How Do I Know If My Partner and I Are Compatible in Astrology?

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Determining love compatibility is one of astrology’s best uses for the modern man or woman. But judging how good of a pair you and your partner are is not as simple as you probably want it to be.

There are many rules to horoscope and compatibility.  An astrologer can read your birth horoscope and your partner’s and make an analysis based on these rules. But if you are fairly well-acquainted with your birth chart and do not want to spend money on a reading, you can do it yourself.

A basic guide would be as follows:

First, memorize the compatible zodiac signs.  Compatible signs are divided into two groups:

  • Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Second, check for overall compatibility. Look to the Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant sign (or the sign of the first house in each partner’s chart).  Most people know their Sun sign, which is your ego or self. The Moon sign shows your subconscious and the Ascendant your exterior personality.  Compare the Sun, Moon and Ascendant between your chart and your partner’s. An example of compatibility would be one partner’s Sun in Pisces and the other partner’s Sun in Scorpio. Or one partner’s Moon in the same sign as the other partner’s Sun.

Next check for romantic compatibility. The above-mentioned signs are vital here too. But for sex and romance, Venus and Mars are especially important. Your Venus sign shows how you love and give of your “feminine” side, while Mars’ sign shows your passion and sex drive, your “masculine” side.

Third, look for commitment. Saturn is key here. Look for compatibility between this planet and the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Venus. A strong Saturn brings stability and long-lasting bonds. It could also mean one of you is much older than the other or acts almost like a parent.

Finally, look for intellectual and social compatibility. Here compare the signs of Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Venus. When these are in compatible signs, you have two people who share a lot of interests in common. You love to talk to each other and do things together. Even if you weren’t lovers, you would be good friends.

Just like the human beings they describe, astrology charts are complex. They demand a lot of study before revealing their secrets. You can learn more through free astrology compatibility resources online or at the local library.2

Eligible Bachelors – Bachelorettes

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Everyone knows that finding a perfect partner in our busy society is not always easy. Sometimes it can feel like all the good ones are already taken, but it is not necessarily so. The world is still full of extremely eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, with billionaires, royals and aristocrats the world over still looking for that special someone.

Top of the list is a man who easily makes the Forbes top 100 rich list, Mr. Michael Bloomberg. This New York City mayor is the owner of 88% of the fantastically successful Bloomberg news and data company. Worth an estimated $18 billion Mr. Bloomberg could be quite a catch for a lady looking for a jet set lifestyle.

Another one for the ladies holds the 2009 crown for richest person in Brazil with a fortune currently standing at $27 billion; Mr. Eike Batisa is one of the world’s biggest oil and gas tycoons. Also a keen powerboat racer Mr. Batisa is looking for a new lover after he split with his ex wife, but any ladies with their eye on him will need to come up to scratch as his ex is a Playboy cover girl.

Single men searching the market for a successful lady may have previously overlooked Miss Oprah Winfrey, fearing that her busy TV schedule leaves little time for a relationship. But with retirement planned for the end of her 2011 contract and a fortune of $2.4 billion to play with, she could well be searching for the perfect chap to share her golden years with.

If you can speak a little Spanish you might be interested to hear that billionaire construction company owner, Alicia Koplowitz is still seeking a second husband following her divorce in 1989. Potential spouses will need to come with some status though, as her younger sister has been linked romantically with the Duque de Huescar, heir to the Spanish aristocratic house of Alba. Worth $2.2 billion she is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Maybe you’re looking for someone with a bit more class than some of these self made money moguls? Well the good news is there are still plenty of royals the world around who are seeking a partner and top of the list is most definitely Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. With Orlando Bloom-ish dashing good looks, this handsome 31 year old blue blood is second in line to the Swedish throne and quite a catch for a classy lady.

One for the men, the stunningly beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi is Monaco royalty and the granddaughter of Grace Kelly. At just 24 years old she is a successful published writer and editor of a popular magazine, as well as being fourth in line to the throne of Monaco.

For those looking closer to home, you may have thought all was lost since old Wills got engaged to Kate Middleton, but there is still single royalty close to home. Williams younger brother and self confessed naughty boy Harry of course is still available and don’t forget those lovely, if a bit quirky, daughters of Lady Sarah Ferguson, Beatrice and Eugenie.

Garry Hudson currently writes for Baines and Ernst

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