Some of the Single Online Dating Sites

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Some of the Single Online Dating Sites


Online dating is a system where people are able to meet and communicate over the internet. The main aim is to help people develop a personal, romantic, and in the end a long-term relationship. The two people involved do not have to meet because their main point of contact is through their personal computers or mobile phones.


Many singles are able to match up with their partners by looking up their profiles and choosing the person you want to date. This can be enhanced by uploading one’s photos and videos. Different sites give various services including chatting online, chatting through VOIP, among others. Some dating sites also allow free access by users while others require one to subscribe to their database by joining the site. Take for example two Single Online Dating sites; and


I'm In Like With You.
I’m In Like With You. (Photo credit: Rob Boudon)




This is a site that offers free online dating services which guarantees you a high standard dating anywhere in the USA by finding single men and single women who fit each other. The aim of this site is to provide assistance to single men and women who are looking for true love, partners for marriage, open relationships or just friendships, all at no cost.


The site also offers a number of services through which people can chat including instant messages, use of message boards, chat rooms, photo gallery, members’ gallery, and social networks among others. Such a site is able to attract a huge number of clients or users given that one does not have to have money for him or her to get an online date. Free things are known to attract many people, so this site’s only limitation may be age. Without setting any restrictions then anyone who has access to internet can use such a site for online dating.




This is another Single Online Dating sites in the US that provide services albeit have fulfilled a few requirements. According to this site, members who join are required to take a personality test known as Color Code. Members are also asked to provide their photo and allow responses to emails. This means that not only members can send you emails, but also any single person who visits the site is able to contact you.


According to this site, uploading your photo gives you ten times profile views more that members who do not have their photos uploaded. This makes one’s search easy because you are able to meet your date “face to face” over the internet. Unlike many other dating sites, this one helps its members in building strong relationships with the people they choose to meet.




Another dating website in the US is which has slight differences from the two mentioned above. On this site, members are required to pay a fee of $40 unlike the other sites. This site also allows subscribers to communicate with those who have paid only. This decreases the chances of getting a response from someone you develop an interest in. does not insist on subscribers uploading their photos. Making this optional may not help subscribers attract more responses from their looks like the previously mentioned sites.


Apart from the above discussed single online dating sites, there are so many others around the internet. Some of them are only used with certain fees and others are for free membership.



The Benefits Of A Single Holiday

ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism
ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism (Photo credit: Thompson Rivers)

The Benefits Of A Single Holiday

Many single people dream about traveling the world.  Unfortunately, some of them put off this dream hoping that a friend will decide to come with them in the future.  As people have busy lives, this rarely happens.  People in this situation should consider taking a single holiday.

Singles holidays are holidays designed for a group of single people.  These tours are filled with single people of all ages.  For this reason, the holidaymakers on singles holidays make numerous friends on their trip.

In the past, singles holidays were very expensive.  This has now changed as companies like no longer charge singles supplements.  Unlike tours designed for backpackers, Just You tours give all guests a room of their own.

People who have taken these tours in the past have come back feeling more confident and independent.  Many people have also made friends that they keep in touch with after the tour.

Taking a single holiday is something that all people should do if they are given the chance.  This type of holiday allows people to visit the countries they want on their own terms.  Singles will not have to wait for others when it comes to making their travel dreams come true.

Finding A Connection Online – Single Online Dating

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When it comes to single online dating options that are available on the Internet, there are several sites that exist in order to bring people together and ways that were never before possible. Since most people in the world now have access to a computer and the Internet, this has become an easy way to bring new people into your life that you would not have otherwise been able to meet. Okcupid is one example of a website that would allow anyone to establish a profile and upload a picture for the purpose of meeting other single people. Many people join for the purpose of making new friends. Once you upload a photo, you can browse through a list of other singles and use the profiles at a ice breaker to develop a possible connection. is a website that would also fall under single online dating, though it can be used for many more things. Through joining this website, you would be able to establish different hobbies that you enjoy and find others that also enjoy the same things. Once you can link up with people that have the same hobbies, it becomes a lot easier to meet someone that you will get along with. It is possible to meet your match and find love on a website that allows you to connect with people in new ways.

Getting Over Your Ex-Partner

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Breaking out as a newly single person can be an exciting time, especially if you’re emerging from a stale or unhappy relationship. Flying solo after a long period as the other half in a partnership requires a change in perspective, plenty of patience and a large dose of courage, but there’s no reason to worry. You have the chance to make a whole new start, becoming refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to take on whatever might come your way.

The opportunities for adventure, meeting new people and making new friends are almost limitless when you’ve left a relationship that’s going nowhere, but it’s important to make sure that you really have left the past behind before embarking on the next phase of your life. And that means being certain that you are over your ex. Dating other people when your ex still looms large in your life or in your mind simply isn’t being fair to yourself, or to any potential partners.

Even if the break-up was at your instigation or came as no surprise, it can be understandably difficult to leave a failed relationship in the past, especially if you were married, or lived together as de factos for a long period of time. That person was an integral part of your life, a friend, lover and confidant, and they can often prove to be a hard habit to break – even if your split was less than amiable.

So how do you walk through the doorway of a new life without that emotional baggage slowing you down? One of the most crucial things to do is to drastically limit any contact with your ex. Don’t feel tempted to call or email them to see how they are doing, and don’t return their messages if they try to do the same to you. Ideally you want to have no contact at all, but that can be impractical sometimes – especially if there are children involved, in which case you should restrict any conversations to matters concerning the kids and nothing else. Whatever you do, don’t try to support each other through the break-up – making it clean and final might seem harsh, but it’s the best thing for both of you.

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing and not always in a positive way, so gather up any photographs, along with any possessions or mementos that might remind you of your relationship, throw them in a box, seal it and put it away somewhere – the back of a cupboard or in the attic is a great place. The same applies to any hang-out spots you and your ex might have had. Steer clear of that special restaurant or favourite nightclub and start looking for new venues in which to spend your time.

Do a friend audit. If many of your friends are actually your ex’s friends or people you both used to socialise with, it might be wise to give them a wide berth and concentrate on those buddies who are exclusively yours. While you’re at it, build yourself a support network of people you know and trust who can share your burden, offer a shoulder to cry on when things get tough and keep you distracted with loads of fun activities.

No matter how intense that old relationship was, and how painful the break-up might have been, remember that time heals all wounds. Stay strong and adopt these few simple techniques and you’ll find the healing process happens so much quicker than you could have imaged. Before long, you’ll be ready and raring to get back into the dating scene.

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