How do you pick up a Beautiful Woman?

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How do you pick up a Beautiful Woman?

To ensure you are be able to get the most attractive among all the woman that you notice, it is very important to spend some time working on your self confidence, because that is the essential part of a successful dating experience. The main thing that might happen to you is having self-limiting beliefs, which will decrease your chances of dating a beautiful woman. Some of the most common among all of them are:

  1. “She is too good looking and she will not be interested in me.”
  2. “Women are able to sense inexperience and they will not be happy to spend some time with a guy like me.”
  3. “Girls are always looking to have sex only with those who have a lot of money and a good job.”
  4. “That beautiful woman is very popular and she is rejecting all the guys that are approaching her. This will happen to me for sure.”

The main thing about those limiting beliefs is that they are limiting you, and that is the main reasons you should avoid them. Furthermore, the only thing that you will miss is that you will not be able to date very good looking and attractive women. On the internet I found 3 simple rules that you will be able to use to get rid of those limitations and start dating some of the most beautiful girls that you find.

  • Rule 1. Remember you must concentrate on the present and stop thinking about the past or the future. Furthermore, make sure you do not think about all the things that can go wrong when you approach the girl and start talking to her. Make sure that you do not waste time and approach the girl immediately after you see her.
  • Rule 2. Do not let all the other men around you to change your perception. Every man has a different way to seduce women and you must have some of your own, try not to copy the other men around you. If you manage to behave and talk well, you will be more attractive than the men that are around you.
  • Rule 3. Have a lot more confidence in you. Remember that all the common limitations that I have mentioned above, do not have any place in your mind and you will have to avoid them. Each one of the people is unique and if you can show that you are, you will have better dating experiences. Make sure that you never pretend to be someone else, just expresses your true character.

On the internet there is a very interesting guide written by W. Wilcox and it is called HypnoDate. There you will find all the information that you need to start seducing women easily. If you read this manual, you will have a lot better dating experiences and will learn how to have more confidence in all the things that you do, which will have positive results in your life.

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How do the “Deflection Theory” works and how to seduce women using it?

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How do the “Deflection Theory” works and how to seduce women using it?

One of the most common things that is likely to happen, when you are trying to seduce a women is that she shows no interest in you whatsoever. Most of them think that this is simply, because they are not the type that girl likes. However, the reason is that when you are trying to seduce a good looking girl, who is with her friends, you are increasing her self worth. Furthermore, she knows that are interested in her and she likes that feeling. The main reason, why she is not showing any signs of attraction to you is the fact that she is keeping her higher social value. If she shows any signs of attraction or become flirty with you, she will loose it for sure and that is why she is showing no interest to you at all.

The best thing that you will be able to use in that case is the “Deflection Theory”. Basically, you will have to stop paying any attention to her and concentrate on her friends. You will challenge her ego, when you are showing that you are attracted to some of her friends, who have lower social value than the targeted female. That way you will make her to show more attraction to you and become flirty. Like almost all the women, she will start wanting something that she can’t have and in that case this will be you. However, you wanted her in the first place, so that move will be more than welcome to you. Some of the main steps of the “Deflection Theory” are:

  1. First of all make sure that you will use strong eye contact when you are talking with the friends of the girl that you liked. It is a good idea, when you are talking to her to glance away your look towards one of the other girls and give a small smile when you are turning your head back to the female that you like. This will set on fire her sense of competition and in the end this will make her fight for your attention.
  2. After that start occasionally making a physical contact to one of her friends. The best thing to do is to gently touch her on the outside of the hand, when you are laughing or joking.
  3. When you are standing or sitting, make sure that you will slightly be facing one of her friends with your whole body.

The “Deflection Theory” is one of the best psychological techniques that you will be able to use to make a girl to feel attracted by you. Furthermore, you will eliminate the sense that she has no interest in you and will make her to fight for your attention. Make sure that you will try the “Deflection Theory” as soon as possible, because I can assure that you will be amazed with the results that you will get.

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