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Online dating has its own rules and perils.  If the concept of online dating is new to you, this article will give you some basic information to help you successfully navigate the scene.

To start with, there are different platforms for online dating services.  The most basic is a general online dating service where you can view everyone who has posted a profile.  Samples of this type of general dating sites include FriendFinder, and  Then there are relationship-based services that find you a match based on criteria for compatibility.  This type of service is generally for those who take dating and finding a mate more seriously such as sites like eHarmony.  Social networking sites such as Facebook and Friendster are also venues for online dating, although the emphasis is not so much for online dating as it is on networking.  Nevertheless, some users do find relationships through these sites, usually through a mutual friendship.  There are also services who match up people with similar interests.  Niche dating services aim to take advantage of common interests and commonalities such as love for horses, or a certain age group.

If you do decide to take the plunge to online dating, then it is only prudent to exercise caution.  After all, the internet is populated by people of dubious backgrounds and motivations.  Until you know a person really well, it is best to remember that when dealing with strangers, too much caution is better than none.  Here are some pointers for online dating safety.

  1. Don’t give out personal information until you are absolutely sure that the person can be trusted. Information as simple as your full name and home phone number can lead a person to retrieve your complete address.  From there, it is a short journey towards learning where you work, how much you earn, even how much your home is worth.
  2. Trust your instincts.  If something tells you not to go through with something, or you somehow feel as if you can’t let your guard down with a certain person, don’t just disregard it.  Intuition can be a powerful tool, as there are some cues that your subconscious may be picking up on without you being fully aware of it.
  3. Use a dedicated email address just for online dating.  Remember that your email address reflects your full name.  Sign up for a free email address to keep this information private.
  4. Use a cell phone or anonymous phone service for dating-related calls. The same principle applies to keeping your home phone number private, at least until you really get to know a person better.
  5. Never let your guard down.  Though some online dating services may claim to run background checks on everybody, this is not always possible.  It is rather easy for a determined criminal to go through this background checks by using simple evasive strategies.  Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security.

Online dating can pave the way for meeting the right partner.  Still, it is in your best interest to think critically before rushing into anything.  There are thousands of successful online relationships that have ended in long-term commitments such as marriage.  You have to admit though, that even more have ended in crime or disaster.

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About Online Dating

Single Parent Dating

Suppose you’re introduced to someone you might be interested in dating. This person, you’re told, is smart, romantic, has a good sense of humor, and enjoys sex.

Wait, what? Going a little fast there, aren’t we?

Yet, that’s pretty much what you’ll see on the average online dating profile, isn’t it? A bunch of profiles that look exactly like each other (honestly, who doesn’t think he’s smart with a good sense of humor?) and a few that are, shall we say, just plain weird. Online dating sites can be a great way to meet a potential mate when the traditional methods (work, school, dancing) aren’t doing it, but how you write your profile makes a big difference in the kind of response you’ll get!

First off: if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, be honest! People altering their photos for online dating sites (or posting photos that were accurate two decades ago) is a running joke, but seriously, what’s the point? Your deception will be revealed the first time you meet face to face, and that’s the end of that! Similarly, don’t brag about making millions when you really pull down only $20k per year; not only will you look stupid when the truth comes out, but you may attract the kind of people who’s only interested in someone who makes millions!

Be unique, but don’t share too much. It’s fine to say that you like stuffed animals, but you probably don’t need to go into detail about every romantic birthday gift you’ve given your girlfriends for the last decade! In fact, don’t talk about your past romances at all; this profile is supposed to be about you! However, if you have kids, you should mention that, just don’t dwell on it. Tell people what it is that makes you special, why they should choose you over the millions of other people listed on this and similar dating sites.

Be honest, be yourself, and pretty might just be part of a couple!

Online Dating Services Now a Billion Dollar Industry

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Online Dating Services Now a Billion Dollar Industry


Online dating services now have a subscriber population estimated to be over 1 billion. That’s an industry of over $1 billion USD per year with growth rates steady at 10% per year. North America alone has over 1,400 online dating sites, where they are the third largest industry.


PACCAR Financial - Online Services
PACCAR Financial – Online Services (Photo credit: TruckPR)


Yet the online dating phenomenon is not restricted to the Americas or Europe, as Asians have embraced this love technology wholeheartedly. Japan has 1,600 online dating sites, even more than the US. India has 15 million subscribers, and that figure is expected to grow despite the economic crisis.


Perhaps the most significant growth factor has to do with the fact that more and more elderly people are dating online. 60 percent of women over the age of 65 and 30 percent of men of the same age group are expected to find dates on the web this year.