Review: Is The Service Worth The Time And Effort?

eHarmony Review

At this point, few matchmaking and dating websites are more popular than eHarmony. The site matches men and women together through questionnaires and a formula. Not everyone will see the dates come pouring in immediately, though. For this service, a little waiting and diligence are necessary to see success. Check out our review below:

Features Of Each Membership

Unlike other dating services, eHarmony controls who members see as their matches. The service utilizes a special formula to match compatible members. Studies based on relationships and compatibility are used to craft this formula. From there, members are paired with their (theoretically) most compatible matches.

The signup process includes 400+ questions that must be completed before proceeding. For most people, this can take an hour or two. Each person will see surprising results from the printouts, though. This includes information on their relationship styles and other personalized data. Plus, payment isn’t required to fill out this questionnaire.

Still, eHarmony is technically a Christian dating website, so not all members are accepted here. The service does come with plenty of fees. Not all members will want to stay members for too long. Review: What Makes eHarmony Unique?

The matchmaking system from eHarmony is its most unique feature above all else. In fact, members are given their results rather than searching for matches. A search engine isn’t even included on the site. Review
English: Macrophoto of two match heads. Česky: Makrofotografie hlaviček zápalek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, some users won’t receive matches right away. It’s important to avoid paying for membership until some matches have come in. An individual can fill out their entire profile and then play the waiting game. After gaining a few matches, a user can take advantage of a discount code and sign up to communicate with matches.

Heterosexuals are the targeted audience for eHarmony, and many people can create long-term relationships here. Compared to other dating services, eHarmony has a great track record. In its history, this includes countless success stories, including marriages.

How much does it cost?

No other dating site is more expensive than eHarmony. For a single month, members will pay $59.95 by paying month to month. Three-, six-, and 12-month prepaid terms will reduce those costs noticeably. An annual commitment runs $251.40 per year. Undoubtedly, each person should wait until they receive a discount offer to become a paid member.

After a few weeks, non-premium members will often receive a discount offer for 33% to 80% off the annual price.

The Verdict on

Most users are going to love eHarmony, despite a few missing features and the high cost. Sometimes, members will receive tons of matches and potential dates. Other members will rarely see compatible matches in their inboxes. Plenty of relationships have been created and cemented through eHarmony, though. In the end, it’s difficult to argue with those results. Thanks for reading our review.

Tinder The Love Phone App

Looking for love around your area or where you live? It’s been known worldwide that a lot of people live their lives without truly fulfilling their desire to be loved and love someone else in return. Well I am here to announce a new application on the Android platform supported on the Google Play store known as Tinder.

The app is the new way people across the world can meet up with new people, it’s really great with its functions of knowing who like you or someone close by that is interested in you. A connection can be made though the span of the connection can’t be foretold as it totally depends on both people meeting each other and enjoying the first sighting. Experts have confirmed the fact that the application at least has solved the problem of meeting someone that would be interested in you according to ones preferences.

Tinder App

Below are few interesting features of the Tinder application that makes it quite an alluring app. Tinder lets you know about someone around or nearby that also has the app.  According to preferences, it automatically anonymously likes or makes a pass at that person for you. Tinder also gives you the opportunity to chat or make passes back at anyone who has liked your profile.

It’s worth noting at this point that Tinder can only be registered or logged in to using ones Facebook account. Tinder is a very addictive application the way it connects individuals from a wide list of available acquaintances around your stated location. The New York Times reports everyone is talking about it. The Huffington Post has described the app Tinder as a verb that the popular name of the application has become an action.

Dating has become much easier with the app as it covers the nervousness found among certain individuals who cannot come out on the open to profess how they truly feel about someone or anyone at all. Preferences are taken into consideration when making choices on Tinder as the app sticks precisely to the choices of each individual. It works with the preferences in regards to age and certain factors that have been set up. Therefore selectively eliminating odds that would go against the relationship working out. Tinder is a more relationship centered app, as it does not encourage meet-ups and sex only meetings, like certain apps already existing.

Online Dating Made Easy

Online Dating Made Easy

Signing up for a great online dating website would be a good idea when you are interested in meeting new people. Very often, it becomes difficult to come across people that we get along very well with. If you are only focused on school and work, you are going to have difficulty forming relationships that would provide you with the potential for a lasting connection. The best way for you to go about finding new people would be to sign up for a dating website that would connect you with thousands of people and many locals within your area. Once you are able to speak to others, you would enjoy setting up dates and possibly finding connections with other singles. While meeting people can be difficult, this is something that you can do in order to give yourself the best chance and finding love that will change your life.

Edwin Carter-Log Cabin Naturalist Museum (Circ...
Edwin Carter-Log Cabin Naturalist Museum (Circa 1875) Breckenridge, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Renting a log cabin uk would be a great idea if you are looking for a special place to getaway with someone you recently met or the members of your family. These cabins will provide you with plenty of space, they are beautiful and available at an affordable rate. Planning a getaway may seem very hard if you do not know how to go about doing so. However, these cabins offer a great experience that your family is likely to remember for some time to come. Do not miss out on what these have to offer.


Online Dating Advice for Success

I have some very valuable online dating advice tips that you can use to make friends, dates and even find love through online dating services. Many people know that online dating services work, even more have been successful in meeting life partners through online dating sites but it is always never easy. If you are interested in meeting someone online, read on to find important online dating advice tips you can put to use and increase your chances for success.

a) The internet is safe and convenient, but it all depends on how you handle yourself. The first online dating advice I can give you to succeed in finding the person you are looking for is to look in the right sites. Not all dating websites are the same, they have different features and attract different members to their site.

b) Know yourself well and know what you are looking for. The online dating advice in this case is, you must assess your desires and express what you want on your dating profile to attract the kind of person from the start especially relationship wise.

c) Another very important online dating advice is to create a good online dating profile that reflects exactly who you are and what you are looking for. Most people will be able to judge how serious, outgoing, vibrant or committed you are based on how carefully you fill in your personal profile.

d) The last online dating advice you should take very seriously is honesty. Just the way you would wish to like and contact someone for what they really are, you should fill up your profile honestly and truthfully to attract the right potential partners. Remember that nothing ever happens instantly, you will probably have to be patient as you sample different possible partners.

Five Tips for a Successful Date

Ich und meine Ex-Frau

You’ll experience a great number of dates in your lifetime, though, no matter how long you’ve been dating, you can always use some pointers. It’s always important to be yourself on a date, but sometimes we can get so caught up in our nerves, we forget the basics. Here are some useful tips to help increase your odds of a successful date.

1) Don’t say the “Ex” word: bringing up an ex in any conversation makes for an uncomfortable, awkward moment. It’s best not to mention the past, whether you’re speaking of them in a positive, or negative light, it gives the wrong impression. Talking up your ex can give your date the impression you haven’t moved on, expressing disgust or anger towards them is altogether inappropriate, and something your date is not at all interested in hearing. Stick with talk about friends and family, or otherwise “neutral” parties that don’t relate to any of your former romantic relationships, ex wife, ex boyfriend or otherwise.

2) Dress appropriately: this seems like a no-brainer, but many times it’s easy to not dress correctly for the occasion or venue. This is particularly important for those going on the third or fourth date, as you are more likely to become more comfortable, you might stop trying so hard and begin to under dress. Consider the vibe and atmosphere of the meeting point: is it expensive? Is it contemporary? Is it a lounge, restaurant, bar? Is it for lunch, or dinner? First impressions are always important, but keep the same effort going through out every date, as a rule.

3) Don’t keep them waiting: this goes for women and men. There is no such thing as being “fashionably late”, and no bigger turn off than waiting in a crowed restaurant for your date. Although you may be sure to be punctual on the first date, you should always be on time for every date, no matter how comfortable you are becoming with the person. We all understand there is traffic, but over compensate and arrive early to be sure you show respect to your date.

4) Turn off your phone: the image of a nightmare date often goes along with the individual talking on their phone constantly, ignoring the date completely, this is well known. However, some may think that texting, tweeting, facebooking or checking their fantasy football scores is not equally rude. Staring down at your phone itself is rude, whether you’re bored and checking the time, or telling your friend how amazing your date is. Don’t come off as being inaccessible, keep your phone out of site during dates.

5) Choose a relaxed venue: first dates can be stressful, especially if it’s a blind date and you don’t know what your date’s tastes may be. If you are having trouble choosing a venue for your date, consider a relaxed atmosphere that will help you avoid awkward silences, such as a lounge with live music, or take off the pressure by having a lunch date.

Written by Holly Adams from, one of the largest discount voucher websites for romantic travel deals.

Online Dating: Profile Photo Tips

Online dating sites give users the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, not just those in a certain geographical area. Dating websites allow people to look through thousands of pictures and profiles of potential suitors. Often, people scroll through each page looking at pictures first. If they like your picture, they may take the time to read your profile. So essentially, your picture is the most important thing. In order to increase your love matches, you must be sure that your photo is the best that it can be.

Facial Expression

We have all seen profile photos that make people look unappealing. You have to remember that these online photos are the only things on which your looks are judged. You want to look your best. Facial expression can turn even the most attractive face into something monstrous. You’ll definitely get more dates with a smile than you would with a scowl. Some men post pictures of themselves with a tough-guy expression on their face. This approach might work for some of them, but others wind up looking like a weirdo or a serial killer, and the majority of women will scroll right past.


People who wear glasses in their profile photo should take the time to make sure they don’t have a glare. A glare can distract the viewer’s eye, distort the picture, or both. Instead of snapping a picture with your camera phone, have someone else take your photo so that they can tell you which way to tilt your glasses to avoid glaring.  Also, be sure that your eyeglasses are not too outdated.  You don’t want to appear older than you are simply due to a pair of unstylish frames.

Overtly Sexual Photos

These types of photos generally attract the wrong people for the wrong reasons.  If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, then you should go for subtle photos. Try to post at least one headshot and one full-body picture.

Ask a Friend

The way we see ourselves is not always the way in which others view us. You may like a particular picture of yourself, but the majority of other people might prefer a different one. Before uploading any photos online, ask friends or family members for their advice. Be sure to ask several people to get a general consensus about what looks best.

Take a few minutes to look online, and find examples of appealing photos. Take note of the facial expressions and poses. The best photos are those where the subject is smiling at the camera, and subjects wearing glasses or sunglasses have tilted them to avoid glaring.

Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.