Do Not Be a Victim Of the Best Online Dating Service Serial Dater

On-line dating can be tricky for even the most experienced person. For example, a 35-year old man recently met a 26-year-old woman online. The pair went on four dates, but they were not physically intimate at all. The woman often took days to reply to his calls and texts, and she says that she needs a week’s notice before committing to a date. He is concerned that she is not interested in him, or even worse, that she is one of the best online dating service serial daters.

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The man’s first warning sign is that her online profile stated that she is looking for an “easy and fun” relationship. People who select this option are often looking to go on lots of dates with multiple suitors, and they may have no intention of forming a bond with anyone. This is the definition of a serial dater.

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The person states that they are looking for a casual relationship,
They say that they have a crazy work schedule,
They are very unavailable,
They said that they are exploring their options,
They say they are brand new in town.

If you want to save yourself time and trouble, then make sure to skip profiles with the above characteristics.

As for the 35-year-old man in question, he was hopelessly clueless. If his date wanted an “easy and fun” relationship, they probably would have been physically intimate by the fourth date. Her unavailability was another big warning sign. She simply was not interested in the guy, and he should have recognized this sooner.

Be aware of the signs of an on-line dating serial dater so you don’t end up like that clueless, unhappy guy. Hopefully you will find one of the best online dating service gals for you quite soon.

Some of the Single Online Dating Sites

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Some of the Single Online Dating Sites


Online dating is a system where people are able to meet and communicate over the internet. The main aim is to help people develop a personal, romantic, and in the end a long-term relationship. The two people involved do not have to meet because their main point of contact is through their personal computers or mobile phones.


Many singles are able to match up with their partners by looking up their profiles and choosing the person you want to date. This can be enhanced by uploading one’s photos and videos. Different sites give various services including chatting online, chatting through VOIP, among others. Some dating sites also allow free access by users while others require one to subscribe to their database by joining the site. Take for example two Single Online Dating sites; and


I'm In Like With You.
I’m In Like With You. (Photo credit: Rob Boudon)




This is a site that offers free online dating services which guarantees you a high standard dating anywhere in the USA by finding single men and single women who fit each other. The aim of this site is to provide assistance to single men and women who are looking for true love, partners for marriage, open relationships or just friendships, all at no cost.


The site also offers a number of services through which people can chat including instant messages, use of message boards, chat rooms, photo gallery, members’ gallery, and social networks among others. Such a site is able to attract a huge number of clients or users given that one does not have to have money for him or her to get an online date. Free things are known to attract many people, so this site’s only limitation may be age. Without setting any restrictions then anyone who has access to internet can use such a site for online dating.




This is another Single Online Dating sites in the US that provide services albeit have fulfilled a few requirements. According to this site, members who join are required to take a personality test known as Color Code. Members are also asked to provide their photo and allow responses to emails. This means that not only members can send you emails, but also any single person who visits the site is able to contact you.


According to this site, uploading your photo gives you ten times profile views more that members who do not have their photos uploaded. This makes one’s search easy because you are able to meet your date “face to face” over the internet. Unlike many other dating sites, this one helps its members in building strong relationships with the people they choose to meet.




Another dating website in the US is which has slight differences from the two mentioned above. On this site, members are required to pay a fee of $40 unlike the other sites. This site also allows subscribers to communicate with those who have paid only. This decreases the chances of getting a response from someone you develop an interest in. does not insist on subscribers uploading their photos. Making this optional may not help subscribers attract more responses from their looks like the previously mentioned sites.


Apart from the above discussed single online dating sites, there are so many others around the internet. Some of them are only used with certain fees and others are for free membership.



Tips for Creating a Persuasive Dating Profile for and Other Dating Services

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So you want to find a way to spice up your dating life or finally meet your soul mate, and you decide to try online dating. You sign up for, and you are immediately faced with an obstacle standing in your way of true happiness. You have to create your profile. What you write in your profile can mean the difference between great success and utter failure. It’s how you will represent yourself to everyone else, how you will be judged. It’s the new first impression.

Thousands of people have decided to try online dating, and many have had a good experience with it. is one website that is particularly popular and claims to be one of the most reliable websites to aid you in your dating search. It has even boasted a guarantee that you will find someone, or your subscription money back. If you’re going to pay to find love, you want to give yourself the best chance possible. To do this, you need to know how to write a very effective and persuasive profile. You might be the best catch out there, but if your profile isn’t up to par, no one will want to find out. Here are some tips for creating your profile.

Be Honest

Start by being honest about yourself. Don’t lie about anything unless you want to get caught later and suffer the embarrassment of having to explain yourself. Start things off with an untruth and you’ve set the tone for the whole relationship, and most likely the person you were interested in won’t stick around. But don’t be brutally honest, either. Everyone has certain things about themselves or their lives that may be difficult or unappealing, and those things will probably need to come to light eventually, but not off the bat.

Don’t Be Generic

Don’t just say you are “cute, smart, kind, and funny.” Sure those are great qualities, but that’s what everyone claims, and those adjectives don’t really mean anything concrete. Try to offer anecdotes that exemplify those qualities. If you volunteer at an animal shelter, say so. You won’t have to say you’re a nice person, too, because that will (hopefully) be obvious.

Try to Rule of Five

When trying to decide what to include in your profile, try to expand upon the five things you think are most important about you. You don’t want to go on and on forever about yourself, and you don’t want to include such little information that you seem boring. Five is a good number of things to focus on. Mention as many things about you that you want to, but really explain only five.

Spell Check

You may be a great person, but if your profile is full of spelling errors you will turn a lot of people off and risk seeming unintelligent. It’s a good idea to run a spell or grammar checker before you publish your profile. If your profile is hard to read, no one will waste time trying to decipher it, so make sure your profile is your best work.

The team at Grammarly the best place to learn grammar rules wants you to look your best. When dating on the web what you write matters. Go visit us to see how you score. to Screen For Sex Offenders – They Don’t Already?

Christian Singles announced that they will begin checking the National Sex Offender Registry when people sign up to use their online dating service today.  What is truly amazing is that they were not already doing so.  Perhaps I was remiss in thinking that this would be a logical thing for a dating service to be doing.  Regardless, they are doing so now.

The company has started doing this in large part because of a huge lawsuit filed in California by a woman that says she was raped by a date.  The lawsuit claimed that the man forced his way into her apartment on the second date and proceeded to rape her.  The man named in the lawsuit allegedly had six different sexual battery charges in his history in Los Angeles County, not to mention anywhere else.

The woman says that because did not screen for predators that are known, that she was at risk.  This seems contrary to what had in their terms of service.

In the terms of service and enrollment agreement on, it clearly states that individuals are solely responsible for any and all meetings and results between dates.  In other words, has no responsibility when damages are incurred from meeting someone on the site and seeing them. (paraphrased from the site)  The terms are rather clear, but that does not seem to be stopping the case from moving forward.

The woman says that it was rape, while the man claims it was consensual.  Regardless, the case is one that seems to be changing the way does business.  They are changing the background checks on the site, and are now going to bounce the names against the registry.  It seems that this is a simple enough thing to do and one that should have been done to start with.

Perhaps that is the reason why the lady is pursuing this action in court.  While the website seems protected with the wording included on the sign up sheet, it still can be held accountable under certain conditions.  Apparently Jane Doe’s lawyers feel strongly enough about the case to pursue it.  It should be interesting to see what comes of this and if it will change the industry standards in the months to come.

A safer online dating environment is certainly not a bad thing, but how much of that onus should fall upon the heads of the website?  Is much of this still not on us? I guess it depends upon what we perceive that we are paying for, and what we are actually getting for our membership.  Maybe it would be a good thing to offer extensive background checks on prospective matches.  I know that I would certainly pay for it if I were back in the dating scene somehow.  Safety is the most important thing when it comes to online dating, even though we may not realize it until after something bad like this happens.

We shall see in Los Angeles Court in due time.  It should be an interesting battle indeed.

This article is contributed by Rodney Southern, a freelance writer and sports columnist.  Rodney regularly publishes articles at collaborative writing sites such as HungryScholar.

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Three Great Sites for Over 40 Online Dating

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Three Great Sites for Over 40 Online Dating

When you’re past the age that you desire spending your nights looking for love in the local bars, going online can be a refreshing way to find quality dates safely. The workplace can be complicated while many of your associates are already taken. The stigma of online dating has ended with more and more people finding love and meeting others through technology. With many different dating sites available, we have picked three that offer mature dating opportunities for you. is one of the biggest and more popular sites online. Profiles can include up to 26 photos on the site which is nice with important questions being answered by many members prior to you finding their details. Twenty thousand new profiles a day makes your choices very good as you can be quite selective. There are fees to be a full member but the costs are refundable with a 6 month guarantee. Take a look today. is a member of a large online dating network which provides you will access to many different niches. Aimed at singles over 45, is a great place to create a free profile and browse other members. There is a paid membership option which allows you to directly email others and make a connection.

If you are looking for a completely free option, is the site for you. You can create a free profile, post photos, browse, search, email, and instant message other members without paying a fee. The site also has a vast number of articles for you to read that range from dating to sex and from finance to self-improvement. Take a look if you are over 40 and single.

Online Dating in the EU, Recession-Proof


The global recession has not made one dent in the EU’s passion for online dating services. On the contrary, EU dating services have recently seen major increases in subscriptions. International UK had a before taxes profit of £3.65 million this past year, with the year before showing a loss of £2.2 million. In the first quarter this year, Match International reported a 12 percent increase in paying members.

While the number in the US is expected to drop, for some unknown reason Europeans are more on the make., a UK based online dating service saw its membership grow over the last year by 250 percent to over 1 million members. Nielsen Online also reported a 15% increase in unique visitors this year over last, so there is no slowing down for Parisians or hot-blooded Spaniards in their love of online dating.

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