Getting Your Girlfriend The Perfect Gift

Shopping for one’s girlfriend can be a tricky and difficult task.  Women are notoriously hard to shop for since they’re pretty specific about what they want.  A boyfriend can buy a scarf but it might not be the right color.  Or a guy might purchase a blouse but it might be the wrong size or out of season.   In order to come up with good gift ideas, it’s wise to follow these guidelines.

Find out what she likes – This is maybe the easiest way to find a perfect gift.  Any attentive boyfriend will be aware of what his girlfriend likes.  This will help him to come up with great gift ideas for girlfriend.  Women aren’t shy about expressing what they like so all guys need to do is listen.  If a girl starts talking about the latest fashions, then she’s probably a fashion fanatic.  If she likes talking about the latest movies then she’s probably a cinema lover.  Being aware of a girl’s interests is the best way to come up with a present.

Find out what she likes to do – Just like guys, girls have hobbies.  They sometimes play sports or go out for yoga.  They might be big fans of knitting or have an affinity for collecting things.  A guy has to be attentive as to what his girlfriend does on her off time.  If a boyfriend is completely unaware as to what his partner is doing then it’s time to smarten up and pay attention.  Not only will this help a guy come up with present ideas, but it will also help him to become closer with his partner.

Find out what she does with her friends – A girl’s friends are usually a strong indication as to who she is.  When a girl talks about the people she hangs out with it is a good idea to really listen.  Find out what they do on a regular basis.  For example, if a woman and her buddies frequently go out to pubs then she is probably a pretty down to earth person.  Any romantic gifts that are given to her therefore have to reflect this down home nature.  Getting her a party pack to the latest nightclub probably will not be appropriate.  Or if a woman really likes to knit and have tea with her friends, then she’s more likely than not into the humbler things in life.  A woman’s social circle can be a clear indication as to the type of gifts she’ll love and appreciate.

If a man follows the above rules he will most definitely find a gift that his girlfriend will love.  Finding the right present is pretty simple as long as a man sees his girlfriend as a full person.  Gifts that are tied to who she is and what she likes will get a definite seal of approval.

A Valentine’s Gift for your Man, Whatever the Stage of the Relationship

As Valentine’s Day approaches most couples start to think of the card and present they’ll get to show each other that they care. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time then you may have developed some sort of established routine, or thought up a new surprise to celebrate the day.

Young Love

When relationships are new and you have only been together a matter of weeks it’s not always easy to know what your new boyfriend might like as a Valentine’s gift. In the beginning a small gift is more appropriate, such as a CD of a singer that you know he likes, or perhaps a book or DVD.  If you want to get something a bit more personal, and you know his size, you might want to get him a shirt or some other unique menswear item, perhaps from a Hugo Boss or Barbour outlet.

Shopping for the man in your life is never easy, but most women get more adept at it as time passes. When you get to know each other better, perhaps when your relationship has passed the three months mark and you begin to think of yourselves as a couple.

When you have been seeing each other for a few months you are still getting to know each other, if you want the relationship to continue you might want to find him a Valentine’s gift that will impress. Even though you don’t know everything about each other, you’ll know whether your guy has a particular interest or whether he is into the latest gadgets. If you know he’s been coveting a particular boy toy, a particular radio controlled car for instance, then why not make his day with that present.

Getting Serious

If Valentines Day comes around when you have been together for six months or more then other people will see you as a couple and the relationship is probably on a more serious footing.

If the weather is still very cold, as it often is in February, you might want to get him that sweater, part of a unique menswear range that would bring out the blue in his eyes. If you want to give him a Valentine’s gift of a shared experience, then why not book a table at your favourite restaurant. When you’ve eaten you can produce cinema tickets for the film you’ve both been meaning to see, surprise him why don’t you?

Long Term Partners

Once you’ve been together for a year or two, you may be looking at the long haul; there are plenty of personalised gifts available at stores like a Versace or Barbour outlet. By now, if you’re like most young couples you’ve probably been on holiday together and have lots of things to talk and laugh about.

One of the things to emerge in recent years has been the gift of an experience, or better still a shared experience. It’s possible to book experience weekends and although these are often sought after by businesses for a corporate team building exercise a growing number of individuals and couples enjoy the experience.

Shared experiences are the things that help to build and cement a relationship and Valentine’s Day is one of the best times for doing this.

This article was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Anna Davies the renowned Barbour outlet who stock a great range of unique menswear ideal for gifts.

How to Play Hard to Get

Playing hard to get may seem like a lost art in today’s dating world where it is accepted as normal for women to take the reigns in intimate relationships. This development has seen women in turn pursuing men as opposed to being pursued by men. This cultural shift has led to what many see as a phenomenon. Some women even propose marriage to their partners. Nevertheless studies assert that men are natural born hunters and so they enjoy a good game of pursuing a woman he has deemed worthy of his affections. As such, while one is not suggesting that women have to be prudish and hard heartened, a well played deck of hard to get cards can lead to a man become even more enthralled with the woman he desires to possess. Playing hard to get can add fire and fun to the dating scene and making it a little more interesting. Putting hard to get techniques into practices however is not as unattainable as some may think. It may simply be a matter of reading well into the dating game, having a basic understanding of the psychology of men and holding back a little. The most important part of a successful game of hard to get is that of mystery. Here is how to capture some of that mystery.

  1. The first step in playing hard to get is showing an interest in the other person without appearing to be too eager. This can be done by laughing at jokes, asking and responding to open ended questions and showing positive body language signals such as looking the person in the face/eyes when listening or responding during conversation. The trick here is to appear interested and polite without appearing desperate or needy.
  2. Do not reveal too much about oneself. One trick to playing hard to get, is to not give off enough information about oneself. This is especially true in the early stages of the dating game. Be receptive but remember there will be plenty of time to get to learn more about each other. As such everything, such as the most personal and intimate details of one’s life need not be mentioned.
  3. Keep an active schedule. Remember even though one is dating a person of interest, one does not need to rearrange one’s entire schedule in the hopes that spending time with this new prospect will fill it. Continue to enjoy the activities that one previously did as this will make one appear more purposeful in one’s own life. This will allow the other person to really endeavour to get and keep one’s attention. This will give the impression that one has a life of one’s own and as such one’s attention is hard to come by.

Tips and Warnings

  • Although playing hard to get is generally used by women to attract men. Both men and women can put the principles of playing hard to get into practice. However, if both persons are playing hard to get, it can become a frustrating situation where both parties seem to be getting nowhere.
  • It is assumed before playing hard to get that the persons involved are at the very least dating and are interested in further intimacy.
  • There is a fine line between being hard to get and being seen as unavailable. Persons should tread this line very carefully so as to not cause the other party to lose interest in the prospects of furthering relations.

Leslie O’Neill writes Dating Tips for Guys and Dating Tips for Girls.

Getting Over Your Ex-Partner

Breaking out as a newly single person can be an exciting time, especially if you’re emerging from a stale or unhappy relationship. Flying solo after a long period as the other half in a partnership requires a change in perspective, plenty of patience and a large dose of courage, but there’s no reason to worry. You have the chance to make a whole new start, becoming refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to take on whatever might come your way.

The opportunities for adventure, meeting new people and making new friends are almost limitless when you’ve left a relationship that’s going nowhere, but it’s important to make sure that you really have left the past behind before embarking on the next phase of your life. And that means being certain that you are over your ex. Dating other people when your ex still looms large in your life or in your mind simply isn’t being fair to yourself, or to any potential partners.

Even if the break-up was at your instigation or came as no surprise, it can be understandably difficult to leave a failed relationship in the past, especially if you were married, or lived together as de factos for a long period of time. That person was an integral part of your life, a friend, lover and confidant, and they can often prove to be a hard habit to break – even if your split was less than amiable.

So how do you walk through the doorway of a new life without that emotional baggage slowing you down? One of the most crucial things to do is to drastically limit any contact with your ex. Don’t feel tempted to call or email them to see how they are doing, and don’t return their messages if they try to do the same to you. Ideally you want to have no contact at all, but that can be impractical sometimes – especially if there are children involved, in which case you should restrict any conversations to matters concerning the kids and nothing else. Whatever you do, don’t try to support each other through the break-up – making it clean and final might seem harsh, but it’s the best thing for both of you.

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing and not always in a positive way, so gather up any photographs, along with any possessions or mementos that might remind you of your relationship, throw them in a box, seal it and put it away somewhere – the back of a cupboard or in the attic is a great place. The same applies to any hang-out spots you and your ex might have had. Steer clear of that special restaurant or favourite nightclub and start looking for new venues in which to spend your time.

Do a friend audit. If many of your friends are actually your ex’s friends or people you both used to socialise with, it might be wise to give them a wide berth and concentrate on those buddies who are exclusively yours. While you’re at it, build yourself a support network of people you know and trust who can share your burden, offer a shoulder to cry on when things get tough and keep you distracted with loads of fun activities.

No matter how intense that old relationship was, and how painful the break-up might have been, remember that time heals all wounds. Stay strong and adopt these few simple techniques and you’ll find the healing process happens so much quicker than you could have imaged. Before long, you’ll be ready and raring to get back into the dating scene.

Dave Steffens is a professional dating webmaster who runs His site is one of the great free dating sites in Canada, providing insightful dating advice and singles chat rooms for men and women.

5 Tips for a Strong Relationship

A young woman and man embracing while outdoors.
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It’s easy to think that the average man doesn’t see anything in a woman past her looks. But this is an aged stereotype that needs to be broken. Too many attractive and successful women hide behind the notion that “men are pigs” to justify not being in a relationship. But for every man that is a pig there are scores that are sweet and attentive – you just need to know how to find them. But this article isn’t about finding them, it’s about keeping them. We did our research and figured out not what men are attracted to in a woman, but what makes them stay in a relationship in that woman. In short, things that make the honeymoon phase stretch out, maybe forever.

  1. Surprise!

It’s a common complaint in married women that the spontaneity has abandoned their marriage. They see it as a sign that the husband isn’t interested anymore and isn’t trying to keep the marriage interesting. But men see things in a very similar way, and one of the things that they enjoy about their partners is spontaneity. If you keep things interesting and keep him on his toes, not only will he love you more for it, he’ll also try to one-up you every chance he gets.

  1. In the sack

Human beings love sex. Men, especially, think sex in incredibly important. So it’s no wonder that being active between the sheets is so high on the list of men’s relationship priorities. But most were quick to say that they weren’t looking for anything kinky or even constant sex. What they want is to feel fulfilled and, surprise of surprises, to feel like they are fulfilling their partner. Keeping things interesting in bed won’t take too much effort – just talking about your likes and dislikes will go a long way – and you’ll reap great rewards on your relationship.

  1. Don’t be clingy

It’s important for men to feel like they are free, and that their women have a life of their own. The man that liked his woman to be meek and always by his side is out of the window. If you’re in a healthy relationship, there’s much to be gained by having your own group of friends and engaging in activities that don’t involve your man. At the end of the day, getting back together will be even sweeter and it will also give you a change to step away and regain some perspective.

  1. Make him feel wanted

This last advice ties in perfectly with the previous one. Don’t shun your man too far out of your life. Men like to feel important – who doesn’t? Introduce him to your friends and go that extra mile to make him feel like the most important person in your life and he’ll definitely do the same to you.

  1. Support him

Finally, a man likes to feel like his partner has his back. Be sure that he has your full support in becoming the best man that he can be, period.


Article contributed by Holly Adams of Coupon Croc, where you can find Thomson discount vouchers for your next romantic getaway.

Office Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

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There was a time when one’s work place was just that, a place to work. You would return home after a hard day to your wife/husband, your kids, your flat-mate or even your dog, take off that suit or skirt and blazer and transform back into you (or at least, the home version of you).  Your co-workers were people you talked to about business, went to meetings with or occasionally had a drink with after a long day at the office. And your wife/husband, kids, flat-mate and your dog were those you were intimate with, those who knew you on a personal level, those who would snuggle up next to you on the couch during a good movie. However, now more than ever the lines between work and home are becoming blurred as long hours and close quarters are spurring office liaisons.

Most advise to stay far away from involving in the sticky inter-office dating, and many companies often have a policy directly against the whole idea, but hasn’t it always been human nature to give into temptation (for more reading on the subject, please refer to the first few chapters of The Bible)?

So before biting into that apple, the following the guidelines should stand you in good stead and ensure your blossoming office romance doesn’t jeopardize your professional reputation.


-DO exercise caution when making the first move. Instead of emailing, make a quick phone call suggesting a drink after work. If they say no, let it be. If they yes, chose a place far away from work where you won’t be seen.

-DO brush up on your company’s policy on relationships between co-workers. The last thing you need to do is get fired for making sultry-eyes at your gorgeous cube-mate!

-DO examine your potential mate before diving into a relationship. If you don’t like the way they act at work, you probably won’t like the way they act outside of the office.

-DO make sure it’s not just a fling: office relationships can be messy, especially if they end badly. Make sure you are both serious about starting the relationship for the right reasons and are not just looking for an outlet to relieve your boring day by going at it in the copy room.

-DO tell your boss first if your relationship becomes serious. Before gossiping to a fellow co-worker, make an appointment with your boss to tell her/him about the relationship so she/he doesn’t end up hearing about it through the office rumor mill.

-DO keep your co-workers in mind. It might make for an awkward work dynamic if your co-workers know you’re engaging in out-of-work activities with one of their kind.

-DO maintain personal relationships with friends and family outside of the office. If your relationship ends or you get fired, you will need support from outsiders.

-DO be prepared to resign. If your relationship is discovered and does not sit favorably with your boss and/or colleagues, or if it reaches a very serious level (i.e. you decided to tie the knot), be prepared to look for another job so others don’t accuse you of playing favorites.


-DONT only think about the present. Remember that office break-ups don’t often end well. Whether or not your break-up ends amicably, you still have to see the person almost every day.

-DONT rush things. Remember you get to see each other almost every day and can casually get to know each other at work. Don’t feel you have to hop right in bed with each other.

-DONT bring the bedroom into the office, needless to say especially if your relationship is undercover. Remember that someone could always be watching (and could rat you out) whether it be a jealous co-worker or the cleaning lady.

-DONT spend company functions and business trips flirting or showing PDA. Although those events may seem more relaxed than a regular day in the office, acting like a couple could affect your potential for getting a raise, promotion, etc.

-DONT start arguments at work. As said above, keep your home-life and work-life separate (this includes bringing the fight you had over dinner last night into the office).

-DONT slack in your work ethic. Continue to work as hard as you did before your relationship started – you don’t want to have to make a choice between your co-worker or your career if you can at all help it.

­-DONT send emails during work.  Before sending that sexy email to your partner, remember that emails can potentially be read by anyone, including your boss! It’s very easy to slip up here, especially with Outlook having that ‘handy’ auto address selector.

-DONT ever date your boss or your assistant. Not only will it be a constant power struggle, but there are very few chances of it ending well.

Written by Tom Finnigan, an office worker and sadly single guy from the online recliner sofas experts.