The Top 5 Ways to Kill Someone’s Interest in You

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I remember a time when this guy was interested in me. He was doing everything he could to make sure I noticed that he was in to me, and I was doing everything I could to make sure he didn’t know I was interested in him too. Of course soon he gave up on me and found someone else. That’s a mistake I never made again!

If you are single and looking then you probably don’t want to ruin your chances with someone who is interested in you – especially if you are interested in them back. By avoiding doing all the wrong things that drive them away, you will naturally do all the right things that keep them attracted to you, so here are the top 5 ways to kill someone’s interest in you.

1. Pretending You Are Not Interested in Them

Many people are advised to play this game with someone that is interested in them. It’s supposed to be a way to make them even more interested in you – kind of like a cat and mouse situation where they have to chase you. For the most part it doesn’t work.

Normally the person doing the ‘chasing’ becomes unsure of whether or not the ‘chasee’ is really interested in them. Soon the fear of rejection causes them to lose interest in the chase and move onto someone else. And even if they are not scared of you rejecting them, they will probably just grow tired of your coy attitude with them and give up.

2. Trying to Make Them Jealous

This is another game that many people are advised to play. It’s supposed to make the person attracted to you grow even more attracted to you due to jealousy. It’s a dangerous game, and instead of winning at the game, most of the time your admirer will quickly grow angry that you chose someone else instead of them. This will cause them to move on to someone who actually shows interest in them, and them only.

3. Showing Your Mean Side

If your admirer is attracted to you it’s probably because of one or more admirable traits. But nothing can overshadow those traits like a fit of rage and anger can.

Not many people will be attracted to you because you are mean or cold in nature. Even a glimpse of that side of you may be enough to turn someone off, so remember to always show your best side out in public – and try to always live your best side. You will be happier and you will keep your admirers around!

4. Complaining

A person can only listen to so much complaining from someone before they completely cut that person off from their ‘I’m attracted to this person’ list. Complaining makes you look crabby, unreasonable, and difficult to deal with. Who would want to get into a relationship with someone like that?

To thwart complaining start taking action! Don’t waste time complaining but instead fix the issues that would cause you to complain in the first place. It’s much more admirable. Plus you will gain attraction by your admirer if you are a go-doer who gets things done.

5. Criticizing Them The Wrong Way

Chances are the person interested in you is involved in your life some way. If you are interacting on a conversational level then you want to make sure that you don’t bruise their ego in some way or make them feel as though you believe you are superior to them.

If you point the finger at someone and tell them they are doing something wrong in a negative way then you will instantly lose their respect and gain their annoyance. You may think that you are being helpful when you tell them how to do something, but you may actually cause them to think that you are telling them that they are wrong and you are right. Anyone attracted to you will be turned off immediately!

Of course there are times that they will be doing something wrong and you may need to direct them in a different direction. Instead of pointing the finger or blaming them in a direct way, use the indirect method with constructive criticism. This means giving them positive feedback followed by constructive criticism.

For instance, if you are critiquing an office memo they wrote then you may want say something like ‘You really know what you are doing when it comes to getting your point across!’ followed by constructive criticism such as ‘maybe you can point out even more great things about not eating other people’s lunches.’ This sounds a lot better than saying ‘You need to add more detail to that list!’

While these are the top 5 ways to kill someone’s interest in you, there are many ways to lose the interest of an admirer. Remember that keeping their interest boils down to being the real you, letting them see you in a positive light, and making them feel as though you value them. Remember those tips and your admirers will always admirer you.

About The Author:

Bellaisa writes for the Relationship Circle, a blog with relationship advice on everything from common relationship issues to how to find love.

Three Myths About Astrology and Compatibility

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Astrology is most sought-after for insights into compatibility than any other topic. Unfortunately this is also where it is most misunderstood. Common misconceptions about astrology involve sun sign compatibility, the fate of relationships and the concept of “soul mate.”  Doing away with these myths will save you from much confusion and disillusionment when studying astrology.

Your sun sign tells you which sign you are compatible with.

False. There are only twelve sun signs roughly the same as the twelve months of the year. With so many people born in the same sign, it is impossible for that one sign to describe them all to any depth. Sun signs are types of people, not individuals. So your sun sign alone can describe your relationship needs and capabilities only in a very general way.

To really find compatibility between two persons, you will need the exact date, place and time of birth of each party. This information is then used to draw up an astrological birth chart of each person. A single birth chart has hundreds of influences to it. An astrology compatibility report by an astrologer compares and weighs all these factors before compatibility can be determined.

Compatibility means two people stay together while incompatibility makes them break up.

Not always. Human nature and motivation are far too complex to be predicted by astrology birth chart compatibility alone. While a horoscope compatibility chart can show problem areas in a relationship, they cannot predict with certainty if a couple will stay together or break up. You could be in a totally mismatched relationship  and stay in it, due to social factors, personal beliefs and so on.

In fact, it is not unfair to say that astrology is not here to judge if two people ought to be together or not. People marry for their own reasons, not according to a set standard. Therefore compatibility has a very subjective meaning for them. All that modern astrology can now tell us about compatibility is how two people get along, not whether they should marry or not.

Astrology can help you find your soul mate.

False. There is no reference anywhere of what a soul mate is or if it exists. Even if you have one, nothing guarantees they are in the same lifetime as you are in now. Astrology – real astrology – does not promise the meeting of the soul mate. In addition there is no such thing as a perfectly compatible couple.  All relationships have their share of negative and positive influences.  The notion of a perfect soul mate relationship is hard to imagine in astrological terms.

How Do I Know If My Partner and I Are Compatible in Astrology?

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Determining love compatibility is one of astrology’s best uses for the modern man or woman. But judging how good of a pair you and your partner are is not as simple as you probably want it to be.

There are many rules to horoscope and compatibility.  An astrologer can read your birth horoscope and your partner’s and make an analysis based on these rules. But if you are fairly well-acquainted with your birth chart and do not want to spend money on a reading, you can do it yourself.

A basic guide would be as follows:

First, memorize the compatible zodiac signs.  Compatible signs are divided into two groups:

  • Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Second, check for overall compatibility. Look to the Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant sign (or the sign of the first house in each partner’s chart).  Most people know their Sun sign, which is your ego or self. The Moon sign shows your subconscious and the Ascendant your exterior personality.  Compare the Sun, Moon and Ascendant between your chart and your partner’s. An example of compatibility would be one partner’s Sun in Pisces and the other partner’s Sun in Scorpio. Or one partner’s Moon in the same sign as the other partner’s Sun.

Next check for romantic compatibility. The above-mentioned signs are vital here too. But for sex and romance, Venus and Mars are especially important. Your Venus sign shows how you love and give of your “feminine” side, while Mars’ sign shows your passion and sex drive, your “masculine” side.

Third, look for commitment. Saturn is key here. Look for compatibility between this planet and the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Venus. A strong Saturn brings stability and long-lasting bonds. It could also mean one of you is much older than the other or acts almost like a parent.

Finally, look for intellectual and social compatibility. Here compare the signs of Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Venus. When these are in compatible signs, you have two people who share a lot of interests in common. You love to talk to each other and do things together. Even if you weren’t lovers, you would be good friends.

Just like the human beings they describe, astrology charts are complex. They demand a lot of study before revealing their secrets. You can learn more through free astrology compatibility resources online or at the local library.2