Stop Bad Breath and Finally Get A Date

If you are having trouble getting a date or getting a second one, have you considered the possibility that your breath may be the problem?   First impressions are dreadfully important and we have to make sure that we make a good one.

For your dating life to be successful, not only does a member of the opposite sex need to like you on a basic level, they also need to be able to mentally imagine themselves kissing you.  Otherwise, it will not be possible to advance in the relationship.

The problem with bad breath is that those who have it, often times do not know.  This is because we have a tendency to get used to our own bad breath and mentally filter it out.  Therefore, it is possible that a person goes around completely unaware of the effect he or she has on other people.

We rely on those close to us to let us know, but sometimes our friends do not want to hurt our feelings.  In that case, it may be more difficult for you to be come aware of the problem.

Here is a quick test you can do.  It is a bit disgusting but it can work.  Lick the back of your hand and wait for it to dry.  Once dry, smell the area.  This gives you a general idea of what others can smell on your breath or coming from your mouth.

If you ‘failed this test’  do not worry.  While there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to the bad breath or halitosis problem, there are places for you to start looking for the solution that is right for you.

Sometimes, natural is best.  Try reading and oramd review and see if natural essential oils might be intriguing enough for you to try.

Occasionally , a person feels they have tried everything and that nothing is working.  This is the time to think ‘outside of the box’ .  Instead of the obvious things, let us look at your tonsils.

If you have tonsil stones. They may be the problem.  Most of the time they do not cause bad breath but sometimes they can.  If this is the case for you, you might want to look into using a tonsil stone removal kit.

Again, nothing is 100% guaranteed to work.  However, you now have a couple of places to begin or continue the search for a solution that works for you.  Do not get discouraged,  just keep moving until you hit upon the answer.  Your perfect date could be just around the corner and you want to be prepared when they make an appearance in your life!

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Men and Dating: How to Make the First Move

The pressure felt when dating can be daunting for any man, whether he’s a regular at a singles bar or he’s fresh out of a committed relationship and new on the market. This pressure comes from the way we feel we must present ourselves, to the way we talk to and how to treat our female counterparts during courting. Here are a few examples on what to do (and what not to do) when making the first move.

The Pick Up- For a woman you have just met or would like to meet.

Body language is a large part of how singles interact with each other, even before they have spoken. As men, once we learn to decode these signals and how to give our own, we can know more about how a woman views us. Direct eye contact, touching her face or a man and leaning in toward a man are ways that women show they are interested. Once you’ve made eye contact with a woman, hold it there to show that you are also interested. When speaking, face a woman directly and pay close attention to her body language. She’ll let you know when she is ready to let you get close. Becoming a pick up artist isn’t just luck or natural talent. It involves learning to be aware of the signals and practice.

The Move In- For a woman that you already know, and would like to know better.

Setting up a date with this woman that allows you to converse in a casual atmosphere will allow you to show your interest, without putting the added pressure of a typical ‘let’s impress each other’ first date. When putting the moves on this girl, timing is crucial. After all, there is probably a reason, like a previous boyfriend or work conflict, which kept you from approaching her in this way before. Choose your moment carefully. The art of seduction requires timing, training, and practice to be consistently successful. Part of picking the right moment is also about learning how to go for what you want, and stop hesitating.

The Next Level- For a woman you already know quite well.

This next scenario can go one of three ways. If all goes in your favor, she will come running into your arms. However, it is possible that she could be flattered but not want to jeopardize your friendship or reject the idea completely and feel uncomfortable around you. To avoid awkwardness, start by being open and honest about your feelings. It may sound silly, but she will still respect you, even if the feelings aren’t mutual. If she is open to exploring a relationship, take your time when making the first move to ensure that the transition from friends to something more meaningful is smooth for both sides.

Once you have assessed the situation and made the first move, things get a little easier. The key to making that first move is not to rush blindly into any situation. If you look before you jump you’ll both have a better idea of what you’re getting into, and you’ll be more at ease with one another in the long run.

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