What to Wear Out on a Date

What to Wear on a Date

When you are going on a date, you want to make the right first impression, especially if you want to enter into a long-term relationship with someone.

You want to show them all that’s good about you, from your appearance to your personality.

Although the majority of people say that, when dating, personality comes first; looks also play a big part in determining what someone thinks of you.

So, if you are going on a first date, you’ll want to look smart. But what are the right clothes to wear for such an occasion?

  • Perhaps the safest bet is to follow a smart casual code. For men, this usually means wearing a buttoned shirt, smart jeans, shoes and a belt.
    Basically, it is a halfway house between wearing a suit and casual clothes. This is ideal if you’re going to a bar or café to meet for the first time.
    As for women, whatever works for you in terms of being smart casual is usually the way to go. Perhaps a skirt and blouse something that you may wear to work or a nicely shaped dress.
  • If you are going somewhere like the theatre, an art exhibition or to an expensive restaurant, formal clothes such as a suit might be just the thing to wear. That way, you’ll fit in and at the same time show whoever you’re meeting that you’re serious about wanting to make an impression.
    For women wearing smarter clothes for these occasions is a must, but something that you will be comfortable sitting in for a longer period of time.
  • What you wear depends on more than just the setting. Whether you’re meeting singles in Leeds, Manchester, London or somewhere a little further afield, you might want to consider what to wear according to the time of year.
    For example, if your date is during the summer and you’re meeting in a park, perhaps a short-sleeved shirt could be the thing to wear. Meanwhile, in winter, the best thing to do would be to make sure that you have a coat.
  • If you’re on the third or fourth date with the same person, you might feel inclined to wear more casual clothes. Particularly if the place you’re meeting them isn’t too upmarket.
    This will show that you’re more comfortable in their presence, and that you’re ready to make a commitment.
    Dressing in formal or semi-formal clothes may give off a message that you’re not too comfortable and that you’re a little on the serious side.

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Whatever you decide to wear on your date matters, as long as you are comfortable and happy with yourself then this will reflect on your date.

An expert in both dating and relationships, Lara de Souza works with a number of dating websites including Datingagency on knowing what will work when people meet for the first time looking for love and companionship.

Image Attribution: Ricky Flores