Looking Good With Eyeshadow

Imagine you walk into your favorite department store, and as you approach the cosmetics counter, you realize they are having a big eyeshadow cosmetics sale. As interested as you are, you have never really used eyeshadow. You begin to speak with a salesperson, she explains to you the differences in cream and powder eyeshadow, and before you know it, you have purchased some beautiful colors, and are heading home to experiment with them.

Learning how to correctly apply eyeshadow is really not complicated. However, in order to achieve your desired effect, you will need to practice. Finding the correct technique and color balance is very important. One of the first things that are taught in modeling school is that it is best to bring out your finer natural features, never how to put on too much bright make up.

Powder eyeshadow is a wonderful choice for more mature skin. It truly glides across the skin, allowing for an evenly blended look. Practice combining different colors for a look that is completely original. Another nice thing about long wearing powder eyeshadow is that it is virtually crease, smear, and streak resistant.

When choosing the eye shadow shades that you are going to begin working with, look for some pallets of coordinated shades that allow you to chose wearing one individually at times, or blending two or more together at other times for naturally stunning eyes. Loose powder eyeshadow glides onto skin so nicely for perfectly professional results every time.

Buy a small set of the finest eyeshadow brushes you can afford. These will make all the difference in the world when you are applying and blending your eyeshadow, and if you buy a nice quality, they will last for many years, with minimal care.

If you have a special date or event coming up, and want to achieve a special look with your eyeshadow, do not wait for the night of the event to attempt it. Practice at least twice in the days before the special night, to make sure you have it right, and check the effect against the outfit you will be wearing, and in the lighting you will most seen it.