Online Dating Advice for Success

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I have some very valuable online dating advice tips that you can use to make friends, dates and even find love through online dating services. Many people know that online dating services work, even more have been successful in meeting life partners through online dating sites but it is always never easy. If you are interested in meeting someone online, read on to find important online dating advice tips you can put to use and increase your chances for success.

a) The internet is safe and convenient, but it all depends on how you handle yourself. The first online dating advice I can give you to succeed in finding the person you are looking for is to look in the right sites. Not all dating websites are the same, they have different features and attract different members to their site.

b) Know yourself well and know what you are looking for. The online dating advice in this case is, you must assess your desires and express what you want on your dating profile to attract the kind of person from the start especially relationship wise.

c) Another very important online dating advice is to create a good online dating profile that reflects exactly who you are and what you are looking for. Most people will be able to judge how serious, outgoing, vibrant or committed you are based on how carefully you fill in your personal profile.

d) The last online dating advice you should take very seriously is honesty. Just the way you would wish to like and contact someone for what they really are, you should fill up your profile honestly and truthfully to attract the right potential partners. Remember that nothing ever happens instantly, you will probably have to be patient as you sample different possible partners.

Facebook the New Little Black Book

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Have you noticed that when girls ask for you contact details, they always ask if you’ve got Facebook? Facebook is becoming a necessity to meet, and contact women.

You are probably reading this whilst logged into it. People within earshot are talking about who did what, and posted what, and said what on it, even your grandmother is on it. It is the social vehicle that according to CNN helped coordinate the North African revolts, and connected 100 million ranters like me with an audience to listen.

Face facts, Facebook may become outdated in five years time, its space overtaken by some new fad, but for now it rules the roost. Connecting friends, connecting enemies who want to keep their quarries under surveillance, connecting businesses with consumers. But Facebook as an option for online dating connections, takes this networking tool into a league even top dating sites like Match can’t compete with.

On Facebook, your relationship status is known to everyone. If you are single, it should poke an interest from unattached ladies. Women like to keep their relationship status as active. No woman wants to have her Facebook relationship status as “single“ or “not in a relationship“ for very long.

Think about it, everyone is on display, most have their relationship status showing, their pics of themselves, their info, their likes, their wants, they are there on their profile in plain view to those they are connected with. There is an ability to message in an instant, to hunt down an old flame in a moment, to find and to be found.

Advantage has been taken of this connectedness by a range of dating applications like speed-date, yet the real benefit of Facebook as a means to get the girl is not in the apps. it is in the platform itself. Any fool can use it, and I know you have received friend requests from such fools, but you will have received friend requests from girls you are interested in too.

Have you used the tool at your fingertips to make that connection about more than the posterity of having a triple digit friend count? Information in the dating game is key, the more we know the more we can show. It is not about trickery, reading up on the girl we like and coming up with pre-prepared lines that will woo her.

Even if you have a girlfriend already, through Facebook you will be able to always know how she is feeling. Less risk of misunderstandings, and the misreading of emotions, improving the longevity of a relationship.

No girlfriend? A  perfect match can be made. Chances are that if you’ve got a Facebook account, you’ve got a girlfriend, or are soon to get one.

The information we have on potential girlfriends helps us to decide if this person is really someone we could like over the long haul. There is more information on a Facebook wall than is attainable through any dating specific site.

Even if the wall shows an inordinate amount of game app postings like Farmville, we can tell the person is either boring, has an addictive personality, or indeed is bored and looking for someone new to spend their time with. We can see from the comments and posts they make what is important to them, and determine if these are in line with the things that are important to us.

There are enough girls in your friends list right now to keep you dating for years, and you’ll probably find something lasting. But Facebook too can be used in the hunt for fresh girls, girls unknown to you, people you can seek out, or have them come to you by being in the places, by connecting with the people, by commenting in pages that interests you, you can catch their eye.

Turning a friend into “something more“ is as simple as communicating, and communicating is what Facebook is all about. Striking up a conversation that can go on for hours, stretch over days to be picked up on and continued until you know you are both in “like“ with each other. Facebook is, and most likely will always be free, putting up with those spammy messages, and in your face Facebook links to sponsors is well worth the return, when that return is chance to mingle with multi millions of potential matches.

Strike a match, and light a fire that will last well beyond the shelf life of the place where the match was found.

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Online Dating Reviews – We’ve Done The Research!

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Are you scratching your head over which online dating site to join? With so many to choose from, how do you narrow down your choices? Joining an online dating site is all about knowing which will likely give you the greatest chance to find “The One.” That calls for a little research.

According to a study by, one of the most popular online dating sites today, only two percent of men and nine percent of women found love while perched on a bar stool. With 40 million Americans currently using online dating services, and counting, and at least over half a million users who actually found some form of romance in 2010 via online dating, it’s not hard to figure out that these services are some of the most potent tools available for singles to zero in on the one they could swap “I Dos” with.

So, back to your question: How do you know which online dating site might work for you? We’ve done all the work, check out our reviews of the worlds best online dating services that are based on track records and cutting edge dating solutions.

eHarmony. Reputed to be the largest online dating site out there, eHarmony has users in more than 150 nations. What sets it apart from other dating sites is that it simply doesn’t let you choose whom to date based on users’ profiles; it actually helps you find potential compatible mates based on specially formulated matching algorithms. You list down details about yourself, and then eHarmony finds users with the same core traits. The site reportedly has 20 million registered users as of this writing, with 15,000 more signing up every day. It’s free to join, but if you want to enjoy its more unique features (voice calls, etc), you have to shell out $19.95 to $59.95 a month, depending on your membership plan. This is currently one of the elite online dating sites on the planet. With 15 million users, 600,000 of whom have reportedly found their match in 2010 alone, it’s surely worth investing time and money, don’t you think? Membership costs anywhere from $16.99 to $34.99 a month. This online dating service uses the Duet total compatibility system which analyzes your personality, lifestyle, dating preferences, and financial details to find people who may be compatible to you. About 15 million people use, with 10,000 new members signing up daily. Another highly popular online dating service, has 10 million registered users, and an estimated 600,000 sign up every week. This dating service is powered by, so joining also gives you access to millions of users of Basic membership is free, while Gold membership (access to more advanced searches, etc.) costs $29.99 a month. If you’re a Christian and would like to meet someone with the same beliefs as you do, you can never go wrong with  It boasts of 1 million members, with at least 15,000 new ones joining every month. Since it’s a Christian dating site, membership is limited to heterosexuals. Basic membership is free, while paid membership (private messaging capabilities, etc) costs $24.95 a month.

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About the author. Matt Fuller writes for various dating sites in Australia and has been involved with online dating Australia for more than a decade working as a matchmaking consultant. You can follow Matt’s updates here:!/DatingSites9


Online Dating Tips You Should Know

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There are a lot of people today who have become quite interested in online dating. Because of the advancements made in technology, it has become possible for people to stay in touch through the internet as well as their mobile phones. This has also paved the way for men and women to get to know one another through the same medium. There are a number of online dating sites today but still, it is important to practice caution when trying to find love through the web. Here are some of the most important online dating tips that both men and women should know.

The most important thing to consider when trying to date online is your security. If you are interested in a particular website, you should read more about it before you sign up. Find out what other people have said about it and take note of both the good and not so good comments they have said. Although it can be exciting to personally meet someone you have been speaking with for weeks or perhaps months, you should still be careful. Make sure not to give him or her personal details such as your home number, address and passwords. When you are using your mobile phone when you are with him, it is best to keep whatever it is that you are doing private so you may want to install a privacy screen protector. No matter how much you already trust the person, it still is best to be sure than be sorry later.

When you are making your dating profile, make sure to be honest about it. Use your real photo and don’t make up things if only to seem more attractive. Men and women know if someone is being natural and if you are not, chances are they would not want to get to know you.

What Are They Really Saying? Reading Body Language on the First Date

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A couple on their first date have an infinite number of questions running through their heads: Does he like me? Am I making a good impression on her? Does he find me attractive? Although couples can’t read each others’ minds, they can take hints from their date’s body language.

licking lipsRaised Eyebrows – If your date raises their eyebrows, it’s a sign they find you engaging. People raise their eyebrows as a subconscious attempt to take in as much as possible of what’s right before them. This expression is often a quick reflex.

Licking Lips – People commonly lick their lips when they see something they desire. If your date is licking their lips while staring at you, it’s a good possibility that you’re at the top of their craving list.

Palms Faceup – Extending your hands palms-up shows that you desire a closer connection to the person you are talking to. A person who extends their hands to you with palms faceup is feeling open and submissive.

Tight-Lipped Smile – When a person smiles at you with their upper lip tight and their teeth barely peeking through, this shows that, though they may enjoy your company, there is no romantic interest.

Attractive blonde portraitHalf Smile or Sneer – A person who is half smiling at you, or even flat-out sneering, is not being sincere with you. They may only expect one thing from the first date, and you can expect to never hear from them again after they get what they want.

Toes Pointed Inward – If your date is standing or sitting with their toes pointed inward, this indicates they are interested but feeling shy and insecure. Make sure your body language is open but not overbearing, showing that you are mutually interested but won’t overpower them.

Head Titled – A tilt of the head signals your date that you want them to come closer, literally and figuratively.

Crossed Arms – Although some people do this when feeling awkward or insecure, this can also be a sign that a person is uninterested and trying to close themselves off from their date. They may feel you are coming on too strong.

Intense Eye Contact – Eye contact is usually a good thing, but if your date won’t break eye contact and stares intensely, they may be attempting to seduce you.

Face Touch – If your date touches their face, it’s a sign you have their attention. They are trying to listen to you and wish they could be touching your face as well.

touching hairHand Gestures – A person who talks with their hands is usually a good communicator. The larger the gestures, the more they are attempting to signal their interest in you.

Legs Apart – Sitting or standing with your legs apart is a primal instinct showing that you are hot for someone. This is a complicated signal, as some people do this while genuinely interested, and others when they have an over-inflated ego.

Remember that body language is a subconscious language. Some people may unintentionally stand, sit, or gesture in a negative way. Use body language as a way of taking hints, but don’t give up completely if you receive both positive and negative vibes from your date. They may simply need to feel more secure before they open up with their body language.


This was a guest post by John from Body Language training program the Body Language Guide. Download our latest series of videos to learn more about attraction body langauge to help with your dating!

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