Subway Coupons Are Better Than Pickup Lines

There is a fool proof method of using free Subway coupons to meet gorgeous women that I’d like to share with you.  You might be thinking, how does the use of discounts lead to meeting women?  It’s actually a fairly simple principle that can be applied to any store or restaurant where you’ll typically have to stand in somewhat of a single file line.  The main principle behind this method is a random act of kindness, or in this case the perception of a random act.

Think about all the ways you can meet random women.  I’m not talking about being set up by friends.  Just think about scenarios where you see a gorgeous woman however you’re too afraid to approach her because she’s a complete stranger.  All your thoughts will be telling you not to speak with her because she’ll immediately reject you.  The one thing that can be the difference is when you somehow can add value to her life.  A perfect example would be eating out at restaurants.  Often times there are pretty girls who are waitresses.  You have no problem talking with them because there is an implied relationship between server and customer.  It’s her job to be nice to you and it’s your job to eventually give her a tip.  The point of this example is by being a customer you’re adding value to her life which is why you can have free flowing conversations.

How many times can you remember standing in line at Subway either behind or in front of a pretty girl.  You’re afraid to talk to her because you have nothing to say, and thus you aren’t adding value to her life.  Break out a Subway coupon, turn to her and tell her that you have an extra coupon that you’d like to give her.  That random act of kindness will open the door and lower her defenses.  You have to take it from there.

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