The Perfect Blind Date – How To Plan For Success

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So many people are very cautious about going on a blind date. Maybe it is because of how dangerous the world can be or maybe people are just too scared to live a little. Some people think that some people only go on blind dates because they are unattractive or cannot get a date otherwise.

If you do not know what a blind date is, it is a date where either party is unaware of what the person looks like and they do not know another about the other person. Sometimes you might not even know what the persons name is if they used fake names online or something. This could have been setup in multiple ways. Some which include dating agencies or by friend or family members.

There are many locations you can choose to have a blind date. Most often it would be setup as a dinner date because it is mostly all about getting to know the person in a setting where there is not much distraction and it is not dark so you can see one another.

You could go on a date completely blind however it would be best if the two people have at least spoken on the phone or maybe messaged each other online. This is fairly important so you can at least get all the dumb questions out of the way first and you have an idea of what this person likes. This is when you would want to agree on the place to go and find out what type of food the person likes so you can agree on a venue that both seem to like. You could arrange the meeting time or maybe even pick her up for the date. It is never a good idea to show up late on a blind date. The person is going to immediately feel like they were stood up. While you were talking to them the first time it would have been a good idea to come to an agreement that you would are both going to dress semi-casual so that you can still dress nice but not too flashy as to out do the other person. Dress well enough to impress but not too formal. No one wants to be seen with a slob…unless you are a slob of course.

When you finally do meet you should greet each other. I think a hug is appropriate however, just a light hug, and pay her some nice compliment. If you decided to pick her up in your vehicle you can still give her a light hug but do hold the door for her. Give her a compliment after you get in the car. Chivalry is not dead! Of course some women do not like men holding doors but 90% of the time it is a good idea to do it and find out. Ask questions about each other and let her go first. Be sure to listen at the same time and don’t forget to let yourself laugh and have fun. Fun and laughter are the key ingredients to having a perfect date. Two people can really hit it off even though they just met.

Ending the date can be tricky sometimes. You never want to overstep your boundaries however if you have a good time and seemed to click then you should offer her a ride home, tell her how much fun you had on the way and then walk her to her door. It’s not hard to tel if you should go for that goodnight kiss.

If you follow these steps then you will have a good time and hopefully he or she will want to see you again on another date. Maybe a movie this time in a darker setting! Good luck!

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How to Make sure you Have Great Skin for a Big Date

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You’ve got a big date coming up and you want to look your absolute best. Or maybe you’re facing a crisis situation of a big pimple on your nose and only a couple of days to get rid of it before an important romantic get-together. No matter what you say about personality, appearances are always going to be an essential part of the dating process, and especially at the beginning. It’s only human nature to want to look great because we all know at the heart of it, people respond better when we make a great first visual impression. It’s important to wear comfortable clothing that is attractive and appropriate for the occasion, and of course you want your face to be as clear as possible. Here are some general tips to make sure that your skin looks great in time for your big first date.

One of the most important factors about dealing with how to get rid of acne is having a preventative approach in mind. It’s important to remember that a pimple that you see on your face actually started developing several weeks ago due to a combination of clogged pores and a bacterial reaction. You want to do everything within your power to act on your skin now to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen a few weeks down the line. That means regular washing with a gentle cleanser is absolutely essential, and don’t discount the importance of a good moisturizer as well. It’s important to preserve the integrity of your skin by using products that will not be too harsh on your outer layer. If you want to prevent acne from forming then a good topical cream with antibacterial components will also come in handy.

Obviously none of this advice helps if you have a date coming up on the weekend and a huge pimple that has already formed on your face. The most common thing people think of is whether or not they should go ahead and pop that pimple. You have to make a careful decision as to whether or not this is the best route to go, and keep in mind that it could definitely make your skin worse in the long run. Yes, if you pop that zit then it might die down in time for your date, but there is also a good chance it will spread bacterial infection and provoke more production of oil. It might be preferable to either persevere through the evening knowing that you have a visible pimple, or to use a good concealer to hide the redness of the affected area. It might be a rather embarrassing, but at the same time you don’t want to do anything to make it more difficult to go on dates in the future.

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