Five Tips for a Successful Date

Ich und meine Ex-Frau

You’ll experience a great number of dates in your lifetime, though, no matter how long you’ve been dating, you can always use some pointers. It’s always important to be yourself on a date, but sometimes we can get so caught up in our nerves, we forget the basics. Here are some useful tips to help increase your odds of a successful date.

1) Don’t say the “Ex” word: bringing up an ex in any conversation makes for an uncomfortable, awkward moment. It’s best not to mention the past, whether you’re speaking of them in a positive, or negative light, it gives the wrong impression. Talking up your ex can give your date the impression you haven’t moved on, expressing disgust or anger towards them is altogether inappropriate, and something your date is not at all interested in hearing. Stick with talk about friends and family, or otherwise “neutral” parties that don’t relate to any of your former romantic relationships, ex wife, ex boyfriend or otherwise.

2) Dress appropriately: this seems like a no-brainer, but many times it’s easy to not dress correctly for the occasion or venue. This is particularly important for those going on the third or fourth date, as you are more likely to become more comfortable, you might stop trying so hard and begin to under dress. Consider the vibe and atmosphere of the meeting point: is it expensive? Is it contemporary? Is it a lounge, restaurant, bar? Is it for lunch, or dinner? First impressions are always important, but keep the same effort going through out every date, as a rule.

3) Don’t keep them waiting: this goes for women and men. There is no such thing as being “fashionably late”, and no bigger turn off than waiting in a crowed restaurant for your date. Although you may be sure to be punctual on the first date, you should always be on time for every date, no matter how comfortable you are becoming with the person. We all understand there is traffic, but over compensate and arrive early to be sure you show respect to your date.

4) Turn off your phone: the image of a nightmare date often goes along with the individual talking on their phone constantly, ignoring the date completely, this is well known. However, some may think that texting, tweeting, facebooking or checking their fantasy football scores is not equally rude. Staring down at your phone itself is rude, whether you’re bored and checking the time, or telling your friend how amazing your date is. Don’t come off as being inaccessible, keep your phone out of site during dates.

5) Choose a relaxed venue: first dates can be stressful, especially if it’s a blind date and you don’t know what your date’s tastes may be. If you are having trouble choosing a venue for your date, consider a relaxed atmosphere that will help you avoid awkward silences, such as a lounge with live music, or take off the pressure by having a lunch date.

Written by Holly Adams from, one of the largest discount voucher websites for romantic travel deals.

How to Win More Friends and Influence People – Dating Tips

Party Night

Ever noticed the ‘natural leaders’ and decision makers at the office? What’s their common denominator? Simple. Their level of self-confidence is quite high.

People with a high level of confidence are often referred to as the ‘Alphas’ (derived from the alpha male behavior of male dominant animals in herds). These alpha personalities generally attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Females are instinctively attracted to alphas because of their dominant behavior in important aspects such as decision making and being natural leaders.

Another way of putting it is that these alphas have developed their self-esteem to a point where their aura and happiness output is very influential to others. Their self-assurance makes them natural magnets for other singles, especially those seeking life partners.

In truth, there is nothing really scientific or biological in building up your own self-confidence. As the saying goes, it’s all in the mind. You can build up your self-esteem by simply believing in your own abilities, no matter how big or small or even limited. Just because you’re a carpenter doesn’t mean you can’t have as much confidence as a business executive. Building cabinets and houses is a whole different ball game from sitting at a desk in front of a PC all day.

Study and analyse the good qualities of famous or successful people and you will see that, like you, they had to start from scratch in terms of character building. But, once they got rolling, nothing in the world could stop them. Use this as your inspiration and launching pad.

One method that always works is to dress right and dress for success. Everyone looks up to people who dress right because dressing well exudes confidence. Present yourself with dignity and confidence and soon you will see that the people around you will respond in kind. Show yourself as a positive individual who knows what direction to take in life, especially at work.

If you are not sure about your wardrobe, ask advice from a fashion guru (better for you if he or she is your friend) or from successful family and friends. Let their success and dress code rub off on you.

And while you are developing your wardrobe and building up your confidence, you can start searching for other singles online, the online dating scene is a terrific outlet to a huge pool of single people where you can practice exuding your improved confidence level.

Regardless you prefer to take your love hunt offline or online the same principles apply, success in meeting new people comes down to self image and self confidence and only you have the power to make it happen. So get out there and start being proactive.

Matt Fuller is a contributing writer for various dating sites in Australia. Matt has been working within the online dating and matchmaking sector for ten years and is pleased to share this article.