Four Online Free Dating Websites You Can Sign Up With

There are countless of online free dating websites you can sign up with to venture into finding your soul mate from thousands of individuals all over the world. These online free dating websites offer the same services, to help you find a partner or a friend for life supposedly. If you are one among the millions of individuals who are hoping to find their one true love from online free dating websites, then you may want to try these four online free dating websites that you can sign up with to start your journey. offers online free dating without fees, credit cards and charges. This online dating site for free allows you to communicate freely for as long as you want and anytime you want to. Through its proprietary matchmaking system, you can find your perfect match, who would be compatible with your specifications. The online dating site for free is simple and user-friendly with its clutter-free home page and easily navigated site.
This provides 100% online dating site for free. This is one of the online free dating websites, which provides easy and quick forum participation and selection process. This online dating site for free ensures members that the site is spam free. Members are also ensured of meeting their perfect match in the website. There is an assurance that being a member of this online dating site for free would allow you to meet your soul mate eventually.
This is also one of the online free dating websites, which can help you find your perfect partner. It boasts of 30,000 new singles per day and over 30 million registered online users., an online dating site for free, has a process to determine if your “chemistry tests” match with one another. Your relationship needs are also determined in this online dating site for free so that a perfect match can be found for you. From the 30 million users, you would surely meet someone who would meet your preferences and respond to your needs. is one of the online free dating websites in which people are matched based on their taste for music. It is allows same sex dating too. This is more for music lovers and musicians. This online dating site for free has also friendly features and also allows easy browsing. It allows meaningful communication and interaction between members who would like to proceed to a more serious relationship.

You can visit these online free dating websites and choose whichever suits your needs best. Remember to choose an online dating site for free that protects your personal information and not endanger your offline and online safety and security. There are many online free dating websites which provide the same excellent services as those with paid memberships. You just have to know how to choose the best among the online free dating websites.

Taking advantage of this online dating site for free can be a successful endeavor if you finally meet your lifetime partner from its millions of users.

7 Things To Do Before You Date Someone

Thanks to online dating, more people are dating than ever. This makes Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the internet as we know it) the biggest match maker that ever existed. Thanks Tim!

The problem with online dating though is the transition between ‘meeting’ online and meeting in real life. There is, and always will be, a slightly awkward situation where you can get to know someone online, but when you finally go to meet them face to face, you suddenly realise that you don’t have quite as advanced relationship as you thought you did because it had been done behind a virtual curtain that often inadvertently hides aspects of your personalities. Especially when all you have to go by is their carefully worded profile and some text based chat.

So what can you do to make sure they are definitely someone you want to date? Here are some tips:

See if your Friends Know Them

Don’t be shy; online dating is now a perfectly acceptable way to meet people. It no longer comes with the brief silence that used to meet people who explained that they met online. Ask your friends and family if they know him/her. Finding out that they used to date your ex on your first date is never a good feeling.

Google Them

It’s free! Just punching their name into that big white search box and maybe including some details you know about them like where they live. This might bring up pages they wrote from when they did charity work in Africa, or it might bring up a page in a forum where they had a heated debate in which they defended slavery. Eye opening either way.

Check Their Facebook

If their profile is not private you can easily pop their name into the search box and find their page. From there you can see more of what they look like from pictures, see what their friends are like and see what sort of things they talk about on there. Maybe they have terrible grammar?

Police Check

If you have the opportunity and you are particularly nervous about meeting them in person, you could go as far as getting a police check. This will let you know if they have a criminal record, although not having a criminal record does not necessarily mean they aren’t a criminal.

Find Out What They Do

It is quite important to find out what they do for a living. Having compatible careers may allow you to work out if you are likely to be able to start a life together. Maybe they work on oil rigs and you are an air hostess? This would be a difficult relationship to make work but perhaps you only want to meet them once…if you know what I mean.

Ask a Friends Opinion

You could just ask your mates what they think of them based on their profile. They may see something that you didn’t notice before that will put you off. Maybe they smoke?

Stalk Them a Bit

If you really are a bit crazy, you may consider stalking them. Acceptable stalking includes bumping into them accidentally on purpose at the shops. Tapping their phone is not acceptable.

Have a great date!


Hanson Black is a UK dating expert. He explores dating websites UK looking for people he is most likely to have a connection with.