Stop Bad Breath and Finally Get A Date

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[hana-code-insert name='SingleParentDating' /] If you are having trouble getting a date or getting a second one, have you considered the possibility that your breath may be the problem?   First impressions are dreadfully important and we have to make sure that we make a good one. For your dating life to be successful, not only does a member of the opposite sex need to like you on a basic level, they also need to be able to mentally imagine themselves kissing you.  Otherwise, it will not be possible to advance in the relationship. The problem with bad breath is that those who have it, often times do not know.  This is because we have a tendency to get used to our own bad breath and mentally filter it out.  Therefore, it…
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About Online Dating

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[hana-code-insert name='SingleParentDating' /] Suppose you're introduced to someone you might be interested in dating. This person, you're told, is smart, romantic, has a good sense of humor, and enjoys sex. Wait, what? Going a little fast there, aren't we? Yet, that's pretty much what you'll see on the average online dating profile, isn't it? A bunch of profiles that look exactly like each other (honestly, who doesn't think he's smart with a good sense of humor?) and a few that are, shall we say, just plain weird. Online dating sites can be a great way to meet a potential mate when the traditional methods (work, school, dancing) aren't doing it, but how you write your profile makes a big difference in the kind of response you'll get! First off: if…
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