Do Not Be a Victim Of the Best Online Dating Service Serial Dater

On-line dating can be tricky for even the most experienced person. For example, a 35-year old man recently met a 26-year-old woman online. The pair went on four dates, but they were not physically intimate at all. The woman often took days to reply to his calls and texts, and she says that she needs a week’s notice before committing to a date. He is concerned that she is not interested in him, or even worse, that she is one of the best online dating service serial daters.

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The man’s first warning sign is that her online profile stated that she is looking for an “easy and fun” relationship. People who select this option are often looking to go on lots of dates with multiple suitors, and they may have no intention of forming a bond with anyone. This is the definition of a serial dater.

The person states that they are looking for a casual relationship,
They say that they have a crazy work schedule,
They are very unavailable,
They said that they are exploring their options,
They say they are brand new in town.

If you want to save yourself time and trouble, then make sure to skip profiles with the above characteristics.

As for the 35-year-old man in question, he was hopelessly clueless. If his date wanted an “easy and fun” relationship, they probably would have been physically intimate by the fourth date. Her unavailability was another big warning sign. She simply was not interested in the guy, and he should have recognized this sooner.

Be aware of the signs of an on-line dating serial dater so you don’t end up like that clueless, unhappy guy. Hopefully you will find one of the best online dating service gals for you quite soon.