9 Ways To Avoid Ruining A First Date

There’s a lot of pressure on a first date. First impressions aren’t always make or break, but they certainly count for a lot. Listed below are some of the dangers that must be avoided if you want to reach date number two. Follow this list of don’ts, and everything should be fine.

Don’t get drunk

If the date isn’t going well don’t think that turning to drink will get it back on track. Sure a little bit of alcohol will help you relax and be yourself, but misjudge this and things will only end horribly.

Don’t take a friend along for “moral support”

You might be feeling more nervous than you ever have before, but it’s probably best to go on your own. Even if your date is the most understanding person in the world, it’s unlikely that they’ll be happy for you to pull up an extra chair.

Don’t order the most expensive thing and then ask them to pay

This applies to both men and women. Obviously it’s traditional for the man to pay on the first date and if he offers that’s great. But if you like him don’t scare him off by demanding his money, especially if you’ve ordered lobster with caviar. If he’s a nice guy he’ll probably offer anyway.

Don’t talk about politics

It’s best to save this for a later date, when the foundations are strong enough for the relationship to survive. At best you’ll establish that you have similar views, and have a pleasant chat about healthcare. At worst it will cause a shouting match that only ends when your date storms out leaving you to foot the bill for their lobster and caviar. Why take the risk?

Don’t talk only about yourself

I don’t care how brilliant you are, nobody wants to listen to three hours of self-promotion.

Don’t be too touchy feely

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of flirting. Lightly stroking your date’s arm is acceptable. Grabbing them by the face is not!

Don’t go on about your crazy ex

This is a big mistake that a lot of people fail to avoid. Talking about your axe wielding ex-boyfriend who owns a Rottweiler, or an ex-girlfriend who’s been stalking you the last 15 years, and is sat at the next table, might just scare them off.

Don’t take their picture

You might be doing it with the best intentions, but it’s not cool. It’s just going to make you look weird and creepy.

Don’t forget to go

I know you’ve got a lot of things to remember, but make sure you don’t forget to go! Although if you’re planning to do too many of the above then maybe it is better for everyone if you just stay at home.

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How to Take a Good Profile Picture

Online dating is not the method of dating for everybody, but more and more people are starting to see the benefits. With the advantage of being able to find somebody that wants the same things as you relatively quickly with an online dating site, women and men are coming around. One of the biggest factors of getting messages returned is having a great online dating picture. The profile picture on your account can be your best asset. Nobody takes a great picture all the time, but if you’re considering signing up for an online dating site you can increase your chances of getting message by following a few guidelines. Here is a short guide on how to take a great online dating profile picture.

Keep it as simple as possible

One of the biggest mistakes that people make their online dating profile pictures is including other people in the shot or making crazy poses. Keep the picture simple. This is YOUR profile, not your friend’s or your mother’s. The picture should only be you.


Low lighting is great for setting a mood with your significant other, but it has no place in your online dating profile picture. Make sure that the lighting is high key. Your potential date wants to see how you look in good lighting. If you use a picture of yourself in low lighting, they might think that you have something to hide.

Keep it classy

How many times have you seen that horrible overhead shot or the guy with his abs in the picture? Don’t even think about these kinds of shots. Your picture should be classy. Remember that there are a lot of people online looking through profiles. People that you know might even be on the same site. The last thing you want is to have somebody you know see an unflattering picture of you.

Be natural

The picture should not be something that you’re not. There are a lot of men and women that put up professional photos of themselves on dating sites. These are not the kind of pictures that you want because they don’t show the real you. When you are choosing a picture of yourself, decide on one that is going to show you in the everyday. The last thing that you want is to show up for a date and have the person question whether or not the picture was actually you.

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