Tips for Creating a Persuasive Dating Profile for and Other Dating Services

So you want to find a way to spice up your dating life or finally meet your soul mate, and you decide to try online dating. You sign up for, and you are immediately faced with an obstacle standing in your way of true happiness. You have to create your profile. What you write in your profile can mean the difference between great success and utter failure. It’s how you will represent yourself to everyone else, how you will be judged. It’s the new first impression.

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Thousands of people have decided to try online dating, and many have had a good experience with it. is one website that is particularly popular and claims to be one of the most reliable websites to aid you in your dating search. It has even boasted a guarantee that you will find someone, or your subscription money back. If you’re going to pay to find love, you want to give yourself the best chance possible. To do this, you need to know how to write a very effective and persuasive profile. You might be the best catch out there, but if your profile isn’t up to par, no one will want to find out. Here are some tips for creating your profile.

Be Honest

Start by being honest about yourself. Don’t lie about anything unless you want to get caught later and suffer the embarrassment of having to explain yourself. Start things off with an untruth and you’ve set the tone for the whole relationship, and most likely the person you were interested in won’t stick around. But don’t be brutally honest, either. Everyone has certain things about themselves or their lives that may be difficult or unappealing, and those things will probably need to come to light eventually, but not off the bat.

Don’t Be Generic

Don’t just say you are “cute, smart, kind, and funny.” Sure those are great qualities, but that’s what everyone claims, and those adjectives don’t really mean anything concrete. Try to offer anecdotes that exemplify those qualities. If you volunteer at an animal shelter, say so. You won’t have to say you’re a nice person, too, because that will (hopefully) be obvious.

Try to Rule of Five


When trying to decide what to include in your profile, try to expand upon the five things you think are most important about you. You don’t want to go on and on forever about yourself, and you don’t want to include such little information that you seem boring. Five is a good number of things to focus on. Mention as many things about you that you want to, but really explain only five.

Spell Check

You may be a great person, but if your profile is full of spelling errors you will turn a lot of people off and risk seeming unintelligent. It’s a good idea to run a spell or grammar checker before you publish your profile. If your profile is hard to read, no one will waste time trying to decipher it, so make sure your profile is your best work.

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