Online Dating: Profile Photo Tips

Online dating sites give users the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, not just those in a certain geographical area. Dating websites allow people to look through thousands of pictures and profiles of potential suitors. Often, people scroll through each page looking at pictures first. If they like your picture, they may take the time to read your profile. So essentially, your picture is the most important thing. In order to increase your love matches, you must be sure that your photo is the best that it can be.

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Facial Expression

We have all seen profile photos that make people look unappealing. You have to remember that these online photos are the only things on which your looks are judged. You want to look your best. Facial expression can turn even the most attractive face into something monstrous. You’ll definitely get more dates with a smile than you would with a scowl. Some men post pictures of themselves with a tough-guy expression on their face. This approach might work for some of them, but others wind up looking like a weirdo or a serial killer, and the majority of women will scroll right past.


People who wear glasses in their profile photo should take the time to make sure they don’t have a glare. A glare can distract the viewer’s eye, distort the picture, or both. Instead of snapping a picture with your camera phone, have someone else take your photo so that they can tell you which way to tilt your glasses to avoid glaring.  Also, be sure that your eyeglasses are not too outdated.  You don’t want to appear older than you are simply due to a pair of unstylish frames.

Overtly Sexual Photos

These types of photos generally attract the wrong people for the wrong reasons.  If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, then you should go for subtle photos. Try to post at least one headshot and one full-body picture.


Ask a Friend

The way we see ourselves is not always the way in which others view us. You may like a particular picture of yourself, but the majority of other people might prefer a different one. Before uploading any photos online, ask friends or family members for their advice. Be sure to ask several people to get a general consensus about what looks best.

Take a few minutes to look online, and find examples of appealing photos. Take note of the facial expressions and poses. The best photos are those where the subject is smiling at the camera, and subjects wearing glasses or sunglasses have tilted them to avoid glaring.

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