How Do I Know If My Partner and I Are Compatible in Astrology?

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Determining love compatibility is one of astrology’s best uses for the modern man or woman. But judging how good of a pair you and your partner are is not as simple as you probably want it to be.

There are many rules to horoscope and compatibility.  An astrologer can read your birth horoscope and your partner’s and make an analysis based on these rules. But if you are fairly well-acquainted with your birth chart and do not want to spend money on a reading, you can do it yourself.

A basic guide would be as follows:

First, memorize the compatible zodiac signs.  Compatible signs are divided into two groups:

  • Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Second, check for overall compatibility. Look to the Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant sign (or the sign of the first house in each partner’s chart).  Most people know their Sun sign, which is your ego or self. The Moon sign shows your subconscious and the Ascendant your exterior personality.  Compare the Sun, Moon and Ascendant between your chart and your partner’s. An example of compatibility would be one partner’s Sun in Pisces and the other partner’s Sun in Scorpio. Or one partner’s Moon in the same sign as the other partner’s Sun.

Next check for romantic compatibility. The above-mentioned signs are vital here too. But for sex and romance, Venus and Mars are especially important. Your Venus sign shows how you love and give of your “feminine” side, while Mars’ sign shows your passion and sex drive, your “masculine” side.

Third, look for commitment. Saturn is key here. Look for compatibility between this planet and the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Venus. A strong Saturn brings stability and long-lasting bonds. It could also mean one of you is much older than the other or acts almost like a parent.

Finally, look for intellectual and social compatibility. Here compare the signs of Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Venus. When these are in compatible signs, you have two people who share a lot of interests in common. You love to talk to each other and do things together. Even if you weren’t lovers, you would be good friends.

Just like the human beings they describe, astrology charts are complex. They demand a lot of study before revealing their secrets. You can learn more through free astrology compatibility resources online or at the local library.2

What To Wear on The First Date

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What you want on the first date is to be subtle while also keeping in mind that first impressions count a lot. Going for something sassy and stylish is always good for a hot first date. Outfits you can wear include a sexy skirt and well fitted cashmere sweater, a nice dress with an agora wrap or even the ever classic white shirt and jeans. Just be sure not to overdo the make-up or perfume.

You need to realize that men also like using their imagination so leave them something to fantasize about. Showing too much will just take the fun away and being sexy is more than just about what you are showing off, no matter how hot you look. Don’t try too hard and just be natural.

Skip on the sleaze

Even if you are tempted to grab his attention fast by dressing naughty, you won’t keep it for long after he sees everything as early as the first date. Try dressing peekaboo style using items such as slit skirts, crocheted sweaters or sheer tops over a tank, these leave something for the imagination as well.

The reason behind this is that men just adore soft fabrics like angora and cashmere. So protect yourself from cold weather while pleasing your guy too by wearing a cashmere throw or angora shrug. Any outfit that subtly shows your curves is a winner, like a white shirt or a pencil skirt that gently hugs your behind.

Choose something that expresses who you are

No matter what you wear it should enhance the way you look and never make you look worse. Whether it’s the latest trend or something really funky you’re in the mood to wear, only wear it if you’re sure you can pull it off. If it doesn’t make you look any better just don’t wear it. A perfect example would be hipsters, while they might be in the trends if you have ample hips you really don’t need any more attention drawn to them. Instead try a dress or a top that doesn’t cling to your hips.

When it comes to accessories you need to choose something that will really make you stand out, like a groovy pin or your lucky charm bracelet, make sure your accessories reveal more about who you really are. Here’s some advice on choosing the right ones:

  • Choose some that are your favorite color, colors tell a lot about a personality
  • Try wearing a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value
  • Try a familiar style of dressing and improve upon it a little

Don’t show too much flesh

Research shows that the perfect percentage of flesh to expose is around 40%, as women who showed off this amount were found to be the most attractive to men. The study carried out by Leeds University in the United Kingdom reveals a few simple rules, for example showing skin up top means it’s best to cover it up in the bottom half. A good choice for staying in the 40% rule would be a short mini dress with long sleeves.

When all else fails simplicity is the answer. The classic little black dress will make any figure look good and picking the right accessories can enhance that even further. Throw in some mid-height heels and you are ready for an exciting first date.

This article has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra from Offshore Ally. She is one of the many talented virtual assistant and link builders of the company. She has various interests ranging from fitness to music. Connect with her via Twitter.

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