5 Great and Inexpensive First Date Ideas

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If you’re nervous about your next date or simply out of ideas, you should be. Women have been on tens of dinner dates and want something more in a man. Online dating site MrRight.com.au shares 5 great and inexpensive first date ideas that will impress her without stretching your budget.

Candlelit dinner at home

Set the scene with a romantic candlelit dinner at yours. And if dinner requires too much preparation, try light and sensual desserts instead. Strawberries dipped in cream or chocolate fondants topped with vanilla ice cream are always a winner. The key is to keep things simple and subtle: dim the lights, light a few candles and play soft tunes in the background. The rule is to keep things simple. Don’t go overboard with a candle trail leading to your bedroom or a line-up of 100 blazing candles.

Have a cocktail face-off

Drinking cocktails is fun, but making them is even better. Entertain her with a cocktail making competition at home, or take her on a night out to a bar school. Ask her what her favourite drink is beforehand, buy the ingredients in advance and get a bucket of ice cubes – it’s as simple as that. You’ll be surprised how different yours and her cocktails will taste – seemingly small differences in ingredients and doses can trigger big differences in taste. And if making cocktails isn’t your strong point, the chance is neither of you will even notice after you’ve had a couple of drinks!

Picnic in the park

The outdoors doesn’t have to be boring. There’s so much you can do when the sun is out, whether you live in the city or the countryside. Take your date for a romantic picnic and let the surroundings win her over. Choose a place with breathtaking views, water views or running water if you can. Fountains, lakes and rivers convey a sense of tranquillity.

Spruce up your picnic with small romantic touches: go for a chequered red and white tablecloth, make sandwiches yourself or surprise her with a bottle of wine in a cooler bag. It’s the little details that will show her how much you really care.

Go where the fun is

A great way to entertain your date is to take her to a fun-filled place. Street performers, from toss jugglers to musicians and mimes, are great fun to watch and don’t cost a cent. You’ll often find them in public spaces, parks and shopping malls. And if you live close to a fairground, why not rock her heart on the bumpy cars or take her on a ride round the Ferris wheel?

Teach her something new

You’ll definitely strike a chord if you teach a woman something she’s always wanted to do – teach her to surf, throw a kick, juggle or even change a wheel. Ask her, it’s as simple as that. It’s likely to be something she’s seen in you and is attracted to. You can be sure she’ll remember from day one and perhaps even forever.

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