Should You Try Online Dating?

Single Parent Dating

No longer seen as something desperate singles do, online dating has become a popular way to meet other people who are looking for dates or mates. It is now as normal as online shopping or buying vibrators to look for other singles through the Internet. In fact, I would bet that almost everybody could name someone who has either used a service or who has met his or her partner by online dating.

There are more than enough reasons to try online dating, but following is a list of the top 7 reasons.

1) You don’t have to waste time talking with people you would rather not have a conversation with. No more do you have to even talk with those annoying people who are just out for a pick up. With online dating you get to choose who it is you want to start up a conversation with before having to meet them. You are in charge of who and how you will contact.

2) One of the biggest benefits of shopping online is that you have a larger selection of products since the stores you can shop at are numerous. This is the same with online dating! You have more choices to give you a better chance at finding the right person.

3) You can actually take charge of your own destiny by using these types of services. Sitting at home, or worse hanging out in bars, hoping the perfect match will show up is probably going to find you old and alone. By signing up, you can meet so many interesting people and broaden your chances of spending old age with a mate.

4) One of the best reasons to try online dating has to be that you get to know something of the other person before you even meet face to face. You can’t read about or talk to that person whose approached you in a bar beforehand. But with online dating, you have the opportunity to talk, chat, and email or have phone conversations long before you meet if you choose.

5) Finding that perfect match is not confined by time constraints of work or other obligations. With the online services you can search from prospective matches 24 hours a day, no matter if it’s midnight or 5 am you can hunt down you next date or mate.

6) You can join sites that are specific to your needs to narrow your search. Some sites cater to single parents or people looking for high-income matches. Or maybe you are older and want to search only seniors’ sites, those are out there too!

7) You’ve got to be tired of your friends trying to fix you up. They mean well, but don’t have a clue as to what you really want. Plus, everyone in your current circle is not going to be a match or will even know of a match; so online dating is your best option.

Go ahead and give online dating a try! It’s a definite way to get a fresh start and if nothing else, you will meet some exciting new people along the way!

Holiday Survival Tips for the Single Guy

Single Parent Dating

Whether you are a bachelor by choice or by circumstances, holidays can prove to be a difficult occasion when you are single. In fact, a lot of men have been known to experience cases of depression during these normally festive celebrations. In order to usher in more happiness and good fortune during this season, we have put together some tips created for the single guy.

Reward Yourself

Who says you have to wait for others to buy you the things you’ve always wanted when you can buy them yourself. Since you don’t have any plus one’s to worry about, you won’t feel guilty about spoiling yourself rotten. Now is the best time to reward yourself with that new LED TV that you have been eyeing for or pamper yourself and book a first class flight to spend a holiday in Cyprus in a singles resort.

Flex Those Muscles

Holidays usually mean lots of extra time which you can spend to muscling up. You can hit the gym or participate in competitive sports. This is actually a good way to kill time and at the same time get a killer body that the ladies will love.

Slim Down

While most fathers are binging out during the holidays, why not do the exact opposite and slim down. There is absolutely no need to add being fat to a list of resentments this holiday season. Instead, go on a healthy diet and start shedding those extra pounds.

Get Extra Money

Since you are single and have some extra time on your hands, you might as well try to get a few extra dollars from this occasion. Take this opportunity to do extra work and get over time pay.

Do Something Worthwhile

As this is the season for giving, might as well get with the program and do some volunteer work at your nearest shelters, nursing home or charitable organizations. Doing volunteer work might actually do you a lot of good and make your holidays a memorable experience.

Organize Your Life

This season may actually be the best time to put those organization skills to good use. You can do it two ways, one is by cleaning your room, house or office cubicle, get rid of things that just accumulate dust and make room for new things. Second, is to do some thinking, write down a bucket list with both the achievable and a few far out there goals you want to shoot for.

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