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That time of year is fast approaching that us singletons dread – Valentines Day. Every year on the 14th of February love birds across the nation suddenly switch to some kind of altered state of sappiness and any respect you once had for them flies out the window as they turn their attentions to writing slushy, clichéd, poetry in cards the size of a small bungalow in the shape of a fluffy teddy bear. OK, maybe I’m a tad bitter, at least I used to be until I found a sure fire way of landing that hot date on Valentines Day that means you’re not stuck indoors on your own like the proverbial lemon.

Snaring the Date

The first stage is getting a date, even if you hate dates and have had bad experiences in the past, it’s better to at least make an attempt than be stuck indoors watching Emmerdale farm while your buddies gaze lovingly across a candlelit table into the eyes of their partners. So how do win a date with a hot chick?

First, rest assured that the majority of single women are feeling the same sort of anxieties as you as valentines day approaches, they don’t want to be on their own while their friends are off having fun. But how you find these single women? The best avenue for finding a potential date I’ve found is through friends, one of your friends or even friend of friends is bound to know a girl in the same situation as you.

Arrange to all go out as a group and get your friends to introduce you to each other on what is essentially neutral ground, take it from here. By all means utilize a touch of Dutch courage if you need to but don’t go overboard and make a total fool of yourself.

If meeting someone in real life simply isn’t an option, use the tried and tested medium of the internet. Looking for love online is no longer a taboo, whether it be through Facebook or a specialist dating site. In fact most of my friends who have girlfriends met them through Facebook.

The Date Itself

OK so you’ve managed to convince an unwitting female to go on a date with you, so how do you get through those desperately awkward first few hours unscathed? It’s true that dates can be initially uncomfortable, but your role, as the guy is to try and break that ice and make you both feel relaxed.

Even if you already know your date, seeing each other in a romantic capacity can make it feel like it’s the first time you’ve met, If this is the case talk about the past and memorable experiences that you’ve shared, or mutual friends that you have, this will help create a bond early on.

If indeed you are seeing your date for the first time ever then things may be a little more tricky. Remember to ask her questions about herself, this will show that you are interested in her as a person and want to get to know her. If you are nervous, don’t show it, a lack of confidence is a big turn off for women, simply act confident and you will come across with vigor and bravado.

In terms of location, pick a venue that is fairly quiet and unlikely to intrude on your conversation, i.e. not the cinema! A restaurant may be an obvious choice but there is a reason, it provides the ideal setting for you to get know each other and relax without too many distractions.

Saying Goodbye… Or not

Ending the date can be a stumbling block for so many guys. The trick is not to go into all guns blazing, make sure she gets home safely and walk her to the door. There is no real script to follow here, you should know if she is into or not by the visual signals she is giving off. Here’s a hint, if she turns her back on you and heads straight into the door, don’t go in for the kiss, the date hasn’t gone well!

Joe is an online dating guru currently working for a personal car leasing firm.

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