Moving On in Love

Love is an odd emotion, and it is an emotion. What is confusing at times is its pervasiveness. With sadness you expect to be able to identify what is wrong if you spend enough time thinking about it, and likewise with most other negative emotions. Love is more like joy in that you can be extremely happy at times, or extremely in love, but not be able to directly point to the reasons why. The complexities of this emotion are what make it so confusing to understand at times, but luckily there is no shortage of good books or quotes about moving on in life, so we are not left completely alone when questions arise.

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“Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love. But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along.”

The early days of relationships are full of heartache when they go sour, and often you become desensitized or do not let yourself get too close when you enter your next relationship. The above quote gave me a lot of hope in the past, to keep searching for the right one, and to know that even better times were yet to come.

Luckily this person did eventually come into my life, and the previous loves are but a faint memory for they cannot compare to the daily joy that being with the right person brings. One sided love is best gotten over quickly, and relationships that will not work out practically should also be avoided. These just cut holes in your heart that take a long time to repair, and rip apart the stitches before they have healed. I hope you can draw the same strength that I have from this quote, and look forward to the greater relationships yet to come.

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