Dating Manifesto: A Breif Guide

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A dating manifesto, this quick guide will cover the three main areas of dating: becoming a more powerful you, finding a date to date, and establishing a healthy long term relationship with that person. This first part, becoming a more powerful you is an area that is often neglected. Too many focus on the external: Looks, image, stuff, junk. All in an effort to attract that perfect someone they wish to meet. The problem with this approach is to attract the best you do need to be the best. But being the best is not simply a measure of how much stuff you have, it is also about your character. Work on your personal character traits first before bringing someone else into the picture.

The next part is to find someone to actually date. Online is a really good avenue. There are tons of online dating tips, but the most important thing to remember is to be yourself and project who you really are. This is what life coaching is all about. Showing off the best parts of you to the rest of the world. Now of course this is easier said than done. We all tend to get caught up in trying to project what we think other people would like while the reality of the situation is people will like us or not like us based on who we really are. Accept this and strive to show off the real you, or at least the best parts of the real you.

The last part of this brief manifesto on dating is to establish a relationship with someone you have gone out on a few dates with. This part is really not that complicated. Simply be upfront about how you feel. Literally come right out and say how you feel to the other person. Tell them that you want to explore a relationship. If they say no, that is OK, move on. However if they say yes, then you’re off to the races!