Tips for Using Christian Dating Services

Christian Singles

Dating services are a modern solution for people trying to find a way to work relationships into their busy lives.  Many are run online at websites specifically geared towards finding your perfect date.  Christian dating services are also increasing.  While many are happy and even grateful for a faith based alternative to the often lust filled world of dating, Christian websites have their own potential pitfalls.  The following tips are offered in the hope that they will help many Christian young people find real love and avoid danger and heartache as they pursue online romance at Christian sites.

Don’t pretend to be Super Christian

One of the biggest difficulties with Christian dating services, or Christian anything for that matter, is the pressure people feel to appear as the perfect Christian.  In interacting with other Christians many of us immediately put on our Christian face and persona.  In short, we end up not being real but projecting our image of what we think we should be as a Christian.  While our faith should touch everything we do, it is not the entirety of everything we do.  In fact, the things that really make relationships work often have little to do with our faith.  So when you get your Christian cafe login and start making your profile, remember to include your hobbies and interests.  Don’t say the Bible is your favorite book unless you truly do have a hard time putting it down and rarely read anything else for pleasure.  Be sure to mention the little things like hiking, computer games, favorite movies, and things you find humorous.  These are what really make a relationship click, and what will help someone know that you are really right for them.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Many of us subconsciously think that Christian things are somehow safer and more trustworthy than other worldly things.  It’s important to remember that online Christian dating services are not necessarily any safer than other forms of online dating.  While we all hope that such services would attract a higher quality of people, they can just as easily attract people who are looking to take advantage of the trusting nature of Christians.  Even on a Christian site you should use good common sense safety precautions for online dating.  Meet for the first time in a public place and drive yourself.  Start out by communicating only through the website and be alert for inconsistencies in what someone tells you.  Using common sense and a little wisdom can help ensure that you find a person you can spend your life with, not one who will cause untold grief.