Things to Do After the Breakup

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Breakups are generally considered to be challenging for anybody, because you have to cope with a change to your routine.  Your significant other is now out of the picture, so you must do several things flying solo. You are forced to readjust to it being just you and that may mean that you ought to begin going out with your friends and family more often and begin to make new associations. In the meantime, you should reconcile yourself to this change of circumstance, and that might mean spending some time remembering the things you like and getting in touch with all the good things that make you who you are. Do some things for yourself, or better yet, do something for someone else.

One of the most productive things you can do for yourself is getting into shape. If you weren’t the one to break things off, maybe your self confidence isn’t as healthy as it might be. Becoming more fit is bound to help you feel better about yourself and give you more energy and a brighter outlook on life. This will make you feel more attractive, and that will attract others to you. Plus, who doesn’t want their ‘after the breakup’ look to be an improvement on the ‘before the breakup?’. But if you are not up for a new relationship just focus on making yourself feel and look better.

You can also increase your poise and spunk is to update your appearance. Change your hairstyle or hair color; get a manicure or pedicure, or rethink your wardrobe or makeup then that can be a fantastic thing. Sometimes what we need is a little change. Plus, you never know how you will look until you make the change, it is just possible that you’ll look even better.

Now if you don’t feel up to making any changes to yourself, another option is to go on vacation. It can be healing to get away from old haunts and old memories for awhile, as you learn about a new place. You can see and experience new things and do anything that you want. So get out of your house and city, and go somewhere exotic where you are far away from your ex and you can see new sights. You will most likely come back to the states with a different outlook on life. You will be more aware of exactly how you need your life to change and ultimately improve. One way to take care of yourself is by taking care of others. Maybe you will forget your own temporary troubles as you see how you can help those around you. Doing something nice for someone who is going through something much tougher than you are facing can help you count your blessings and see how much you still have to be grateful for in life.

Another way to get over your sorrow is by staying busy. Eventually you will need to get over any issues, but that will take time. Try getting over your ex by spending more time with your friends, doing nice things for them, trying out a new hobby or skill, and making new friends. You don’t need to feel like you must jump into a relationship, but going out is good for you. Because it’s hard to be depressed or lonely when you’re with people, so get out there and live the life that you want to live.

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Get chocolate roses for your girlfriend

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could come up with a gift that a) is chocolate b) is flowers and c) is more original than both of the above?  Well, now it’s here: chocolate roses and they are easy enough to buy online, but they are not exactly easy to find in the stores so if she hasn’t been looking for them, it’s not going to be an issue of her going “Oh, thanks, yeah I saw these in x store last week” which would be a bit embarrassing.  It’s best, as I’m sure you know, to give your girlfriend gifts which show that you went a little out of your way to find them because as I’m sure you know by now, girls love a surprise, and they are also better shoppers (generally) and know where all the cool and new things are they they love to have, so if you can find her something different, you will certainly look pretty clever in her eyes.

If you want to buy chocolate roses it won’t be an issue where to buy them from.  For instance as I mentioned, getting them online is an ideal way to buy the chocolate flowers without having to leave your home and yet it will still be a personal gift, you can order them to your own address rather than to hers and thus add a personal note card or maybe a pretty vase which you can pick up at a gift store or drugstore.  You could also do gift wrapped chocolate roses yourself even if you consider yourself a clumsy gift wrapper – girls always appreciate when guys take the time to try and wrap something for them – pick out a pretty wrapping paper at the post office and some sticky tape and do your best – she’ll love you for it!

Chocolate roses come in plenty of flavors and colors and I have no doubt that these candy lollies will delight your girlfriend no matter what the occasion.

Free Online Friend Sites


Free Online Friend Sites

Pen pal sites on the Internet offer free opportunities to make friends that you would otherwise be unable to make. And once you have made those connections you can learn quite a bit from each other. Signing up for an account is the normal process with the added fields to show photos, provide social account details, and possibly your location. Once your account is created, contact new friends is easy to do and you can take the conversions anywhere you like. Some look for International friendships while others search for friends in their hometowns.

Generally these sites are strictly for friendship and not for dating. The process is completely free and you should be somewhat guarded with your personal information and making contact with others to avoid predators and criminals that might be present. Use online services to do background checks on individuals that you think you might want to meet in person after your have established a friendship online.

If you create an account and aren’t getting a lot of messages from potential friends, try improving the information you have listed about yourself. Make sure hobbies, interests, family, marital status, and age are part of your profile. Make your descriptions lively and fun. These services are great for those with little time to meet others outside of work and those that have an interest in foreign cultures. Many students use the services as part of a class to learn about other students across the globe.

Weather you like to stay home, are shy, or prefer to write instead of talking face-to-face, a free online friend sites could be perfect for you. Search Google for the topic and you will be sure to find many social sites that offer these features. You can also utilize the main two social sites, and MySpace for the same purposes.

Using Rejection to have Better Success When Seducing a Woman

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Using Rejection to have Better Success When Seducing a Woman

There are many men, who do not have all the skills that are required to seduce women, because of one main reason. That reason is that they do not know how to deal with the rejection, which is a possible outcome of the seduction game.  There are many men, who are not capable to seduce good looking women, because of the fear of rejection. However there are some really good techniques that you will be able to use to deal with that fear and turn it into your favor.

The first thing that you will have to do is to learn some of the basic forms of rejection, because that is the best way to later learn how to deal with it. Some of the most common forms of rejection are:

  1. When you are talking to a girl and you ask her to meet again. Then suddenly she freezes and shuts you out.
  2. You try to talk to a girl, but she gives you minimal chances to make a good conversation.
  3. You have been into a couple of dates with a girl but when you try to make the relationship progress to the next level she becomes distant.

No matter what kind of rejection you will experience, make sure that you will try to do something for it, because if you fear of rejection you do not have good chances to have successful dates. The main thing that you will have to do is to change the way that you feel about rejection. Here are some of the main things that will help you to do that properly:

  1. If a girl rejects you when you are first inducing yourself to her, make sure that you will not take that as something about you and they way that you look for example. Just make sure that you will rethink your seduction strategy and see what you will be able to change.
  2. Do not take the whole seduction game personally, because that is the best way to avoid some negative effects. Remember that all the people are reacting differently, because of a lot of things that are happening to them and you should consider everything possible to be above those things. Make sure that you will leave good first impression for sure, because that way you will decrease the chances of rejection.

Those are the main concepts that you will be able to use to over come the fear of rejection and have a lot more confidence in yourself. When you learn to stop taking all the rejections personally, you will have a lot better chances to have positive dating experience, so make sure that you will do that. Furthermore concentrate on more important things related to the seduction game, because there are a lot of things that you will have to take care of.

Last but not least make sure that you will read the manual of W. Wilcox that is called HypnoDate , because there you will be able to find a lot of information about how to have more confidence in all the things that you do during the seduction game. Furthermore, there you will be able to learn all the things that you need to be more attractive to women, which are not related to money and cool cars. This manual is available all over the internet, so make sure that you will spend some time and read it.

Using the “Option Limitation” to Maximize you’re Dating Success

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Using the “Option Limitation” to Maximize you’re Dating Success

When you are trying to attract women, make sure that you understand what she wants, because most men think that it is all about their look and the content of their wallet. If you happen to ask the girl that you like what she wants, your chances of seducing her will be really small. Furthermore, every woman in the world wants to have a more confident man by her side, so you have to become one. For that reason you will have to learn how to be more attractive and confident, but without becoming arrogant or desperate.

The main thing that you have to do is to make sure that you learn all the psychological tactics and rules, because they are the essential part of the whole seduction game. Furthermore, you will be able to plan the whole seduction game and turn the odds in your favor. One of the best psychological techniques that you will be able to use for that purpose is called option limitation and I can assure you that when you are using it, you will increase the chances of getting any girl that you like by more than 50 percent.

The basics of that procedure is that  you present the girl that you like with more than 1 option, which will cause her to choose the option that is suitable for you. For example if you present the girl with only one option, she is likely to choose something that is quite opposite and you will not be happy at all, but if you present her with 2-3 choices, she is more likely to choose one. Those are the main principals of the human nature and I can assure you that they will work for any girl without exception. It is very important to carefully choose the phrases that you will be using, because if you do not, you will decrease your chances of seducing the girl.

I would like to point out one example of how you will be able to use the “Option Limitation”. Most of the men say “Can I get your number?” which is the perfect way to finish a conversation with a girl. However the option limitation will work, when you say “I would like to get your number and I can call you to have dinner or a coffee tomorrow”. The first example will present the girl with only one option and in most cases, she will reject it. However using the second example you will present her with a choice between good and better, which in most of the cases will allow you to get both the number and set the next date. Make sure that you will use the “Option Limitation” in every possible situation, because it will have an effect for sure. Furthermore, make sure that you will use “or” to separate the choices that you are presenting the girl with, because that way she will subconsciously recognize that you are giving her the freedom to choose.

If you are willing to learn all the tricks that women use, make sure to read GuyGetsGirl, because it is probably the best guide available on the market. Furthermore, with that guide you will learn what some of the best techniques are that you can use to attract and seduce women, without these there is only your looks and financial status. I can assure you that all the techniques that are mentioned in that guide work and you will have a lot better dating experience for sure.