Secrets To Attracting Hot, Younger Women Part I

Secrets To Attracting Hot, Younger Women Part I

“Is he really interested me, or he’s just playing a game…the same way he does to other women?”

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This is the line of thought that should run through a girl’s mind each time you’re flirting with her. It raises her level of desire to keep pushing things to the next level.

When she’s dealing a guy who sparks those kinds of thoughts in her mind, she’ll feel challenged to “perform” well, act in the sexiest way possible, just to get the complete approval she think she deserves.

The key, though, is to NEVER give 100% approval and confirmation that you have “feelings” for her. I’ll explain:

When a girl is interested in you, she’ll exhaust all means in order to discover if you feel the same way for her. This is because she feels that getting a guy to like her so bad is some sort of “success”.

You can actually drive women crazy, by never showing that you like them. This way, she’ll be challenged to keep working and working to gain your affection and attention.

This is the main reason why you should NEVER confess to a woman how badly you are attracted her, or admit how desperate you are to be her boyfriend (in fact, don’t be desperate at all). Stop cheesy lines and avoid insinuating that you two are “perfect” for each other.


I know that those things above sound romantic to guys, but in truth, hot women are usually turned off with them. I suggest  that you stop watching mushy Hollywood films and get back to the real world.

In movies, a geek introverted guy can attract the most popular hot girl in school…all because of him making a sudden romantic admission of his feelings. But it only happens in movies (rarely in real life).

In the real world, making a grand confession and admission of your “feelings” during the flirting/early-dating stage will be seen by the girl as a weakness in your personality.

Ninety percent of the time, admitting your feelings won’t urge the hot girl to tell you that she loves you too. In fact, she might get turned off! Chances are, she will begin to see you as a typical guy who can’t control his feelings and is desperately in love with her. For some reason, there’s no more challenge attached to you anymore, because she feels she’s already “won”.

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