How To Woo And Seduce A Woman

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[hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] How to seduce a woman? It can be quite a challenge, considering women are complicated creatures. However, by following the right steps (and paying close attention to her responses), you won't have to rely on good looks alone to interest the female gender. Though it helps! The first thing you must have is confidence. If you cannot see your attractive traits, why would she? Women like confident men who are unafraid and can deal with rejection. It is a common belief that women are attracted to "bad boys" over good guys, but this is not completely true. Women are attracted to the confidence most of those bad boys exude. Next, talk with her. Appeal to her intellect while helping her enjoy the conversation, as well. Making a…
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Men and Dating: How to Make the First Move

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[hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] The pressure felt when dating can be daunting for any man, whether he’s a regular at a singles bar or he’s fresh out of a committed relationship and new on the market. This pressure comes from the way we feel we must present ourselves, to the way we talk to and how to treat our female counterparts during courting. Here are a few examples on what to do (and what not to do) when making the first move. The Pick Up- For a woman you have just met or would like to meet. Body language is a large part of how singles interact with each other, even before they have spoken. As men, once we learn to decode these signals and how to give our own, we…
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Using the “Option Limitation” to Maximize you’re Dating Success

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[hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] Using the “Option Limitation” to Maximize you’re Dating Success When you are trying to attract women, make sure that you understand what she wants, because most men think that it is all about their look and the content of their wallet. If you happen to ask the girl that you like what she wants, your chances of seducing her will be really small. Furthermore, every woman in the world wants to have a more confident man by her side, so you have to become one. For that reason you will have to learn how to be more attractive and confident, but without becoming arrogant or desperate. The main thing that you have to do is to make sure that you learn all the psychological tactics and rules,…
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How do you pick up a Beautiful Woman?

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[hana-code-insert name='ChristianCafeNew' /] How do you pick up a Beautiful Woman? To ensure you are be able to get the most attractive among all the woman that you notice, it is very important to spend some time working on your self confidence, because that is the essential part of a successful dating experience. The main thing that might happen to you is having self-limiting beliefs, which will decrease your chances of dating a beautiful woman. Some of the most common among all of them are: 1. “She is too good looking and she will not be interested in me.” 2. “Women are able to sense inexperience and they will not be happy to spend some time with a guy like me.” 3. “Girls are always looking to have sex only…
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How to handle the physical contact when you are trying to attract a woman?

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[hana-code-insert name='SingleParentDating' /] How to handle the physical contact when you are trying to attract a woman? One of the main components of seduction is physical contact. Simply, it is not possible to get a girl if you do not put out a certain amount of touching. However, make sure that you do not make the girl feel uncomfortable, because you will ruin your chances of a successful date. Furthermore, that is one of the main problems for most, they do not know how to establish physical contact with the girl, without scaring her away. Most men are simply rushing the physical contact, which is surely a guarantee that you will scare the girl away. Another common mistake that most men do is simply not taking any actions at all.…
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The Reason Why I Began Dating Younger Women

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[hana-code-insert name='SingleParentDating' /] The Reason Why I Began Dating Younger Women Most mature single guys are looking girls who are attractive, sexy, and YOUNGER. If you're one of those men, here's what you should always keep in mind: Women LIKE guys are who are considerably older than them. In the past two centuries, the American government managed to take statistics of married couples in this country. A close look at the statistical trends on marriages in the United States during the last 200 years suggests that men have a wide age gap with the women they marry. That's correct -- woman prefer older's a timeless classic. The underlying reason behind this can be understood by studying evolution. Women are psychologically inclined to search for security, safety, and other things…
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