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Five Tips for a Successful Date

Ich und meine Ex-Frau

You’ll experience a great number of dates in your lifetime, though, no matter how long you’ve been dating, you can always use some pointers. It’s always important to be yourself on a date, but sometimes we can get so caught up in our nerves, we forget the basics. Here are some useful tips to help increase your odds of a successful date.

1) Don’t say the “Ex” word: bringing up an ex in any conversation makes for an uncomfortable, awkward moment. It’s best not to mention the past, whether you’re speaking of them in a positive, or negative light, … Read more at Single Online Dating

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How to Win More Friends and Influence People – Dating Tips

Party Night

Ever noticed the ‘natural leaders’ and decision makers at the office? What’s their common denominator? Simple. Their level of self-confidence is quite high.

People with a high level of confidence are often referred to as the ‘Alphas’ (derived from the alpha male behavior of male dominant animals in herds). These alpha personalities generally attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Females are instinctively attracted to alphas because of their dominant behavior in important aspects such as decision making and being natural leaders.

Another way of putting it is that these alphas have developed their self-esteem to a … Read more at Single Online Dating

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How To Woo And Seduce A Woman

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How to seduce a woman? It can be quite a challenge, considering women are complicated creatures. However, by following the right steps (and paying close attention to her responses), you won’t have to rely on good looks alone to interest the female gender. Though it helps!

The first thing you must have is confidence. If you cannot see your attractive traits, why would she? Women like confident men who are unafraid and can deal with rejection. It is a common belief that women are attracted to “bad boys” over good guys, but this is not completely true. Women … Read more at Single Online Dating

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Online Dating Won’t Do’s

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Some people expect online dating to be so amazingly surprising. This is where disappointment has often become a product of unreasonable expectations. Well, if you expect online dating to answer all your problems, you surely will be disappointed.

So here are some of things that you shouldn’t expect online dating to do for you:

1. Alter your bad dating experiences

If you have this habit of dating people who are bad and inappropriate for you, most likely, you’ll find them on the Internet too. Well, the best thing to do is to beat that pattern. Self development, self help … Read more at Single Online Dating

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Online dating tips for women, before and after you create a profile

Help Him Fall In Love With You - Learn The Secrets

There’s more to online dating than luck. You could get more and better matches from online dating sites with a little preparation and planning. shares online dating tips for women before and after you create a dating profile.

Before you create your profile:

  1. First, ask yourself what you want from an online dating site. Are you looking for no-strings fun, casual dating or a committed relationship? The answer to this question will determine how you word your profile and project yourself online.
  2. Second, ask yourself what you look for in a man. Some women look for financial independence
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Three Myths About Astrology and Compatibility

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Astrology is most sought-after for insights into compatibility than any other topic. Unfortunately this is also where it is most misunderstood. Common misconceptions about astrology involve sun sign compatibility, the fate of relationships and the concept of “soul mate.”  Doing away with these myths will save you from much confusion and disillusionment when studying astrology.

Your sun sign tells you which sign you are compatible with.

False. There are only twelve sun signs roughly the same as the twelve months of the year. With so many people born in the same sign, it is impossible for that one sign … Read more at Single Online Dating

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