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Office Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

There was a time when one’s work place was just that, a place to work. You would return home after a hard day to your wife/husband, your kids, your flat-mate or even your dog, take off that suit or skirt and blazer and transform back into you (or at least, the home version of you).  […]

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Online Dating Reviews – We’ve Done The Research!

Are you scratching your head over which online dating site to join? With so many to choose from, how do you narrow down your choices? Joining an online dating site is all about knowing which will likely give you the greatest chance to find “The One.” That calls for a little research. According to a […]

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A Fiasco-Proof Way For Single Parents to Find Dates

Single people often complain about not finding enough quality men or women on the planet. You can just imagine how single parents must be feeling. Single parents often have all sorts of fears and hang-ups — bad experience with the ex, age and weight issues, awkwardness in intimate situations, feeling overwhelmed with motherhood/fatherhood. If you are guilty […]

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Online Dating: Profile Photo Tips

Online dating sites give users the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, not just those in a certain geographical area. Dating websites allow people to look through thousands of pictures and profiles of potential suitors. Often, people scroll through each page looking at pictures first. If they like your picture, they […]

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How to Win More Friends and Influence People – Dating Tips

Ever noticed the ‘natural leaders’ and decision makers at the office? What’s their common denominator? Simple. Their level of self-confidence is quite high. People with a high level of confidence are often referred to as the ‘Alphas’ (derived from the alpha male behavior of male dominant animals in herds). These alpha personalities generally attract a […]

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How To Woo And Seduce A Woman

How to seduce a woman? It can be quite a challenge, considering women are complicated creatures. However, by following the right steps (and paying close attention to her responses), you won’t have to rely on good looks alone to interest the female gender. Though it helps! The first thing you must have is confidence. If […]

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