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Tiger Woods Scandal Creates Caution for Married Date Seekers

Married people seeking new dating experiences through online dating sites have declined quite a bit since the Tiger Woods scandal broke shortly after Thanksgiving. According to an online dating site called, cheating men decreased their use of the site by almost 48% within the past month. Cheating woman also reduced their use of online dating sites almost 20%.

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Three Great Sites for Over 40 Online Dating

When you’re past the age that you desire spending your nights looking for love in the local bars, going online can be a refreshing way to find quality dates safely. The workplace can be complicated while many of your associates are already taken. The stigma of online dating has ended with more and more people finding love and meeting others through technology. With many different dating sites available, we have picked three that offer mature dating opportunities for you.

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Patti Stanger of The Millionaire Matchmaker

According to the, Patti Stanger was recently at a speed dating event in Los Angeles and provided some helpful tips for those in attendance about meeting singles online and online dating. Stanger is the host of the popular network television program The Millionaire Matchmaker in addition to being the author of ‘Become your own matchmaker” and a celebrity host on XM Radio.

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Top 10 Online Dating Articles of 2009

These are the top 10 Online Dating articles of 2009 as voted on by members of the #1 ranking system on the Internet, From the technology to the innovative services and from the obscure to exploitation. I hope you enjoy all these top rated articles and learn more about online dating through reading each one. This post is part of the 2009 In Review series. Take part in the project at or find other interesting articles on the best of 2009 within the project.

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